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Today Momo & I painted faces for the Chantilly FlutterfestMomo painting a little faceThree and a half hours of non stop little faces in our chairs asking for rainbows, hearts, and most surprisingly, snakes. Snakes were popular I swear I’ve never painted so many snakes!  I never painted so many snakes! My favorite request was a little girl who wanted me to paint a self portrait on the back of her neck.  So sweet!  I convinced her she did not need my big white head riding around on the back of her neck the rest of the day.  She chose a snake instead. Smart girl. This little girl wanted her snake on the back of her neck The Flutterfest was the cutest festival at a local elementary school. They set us up under a tent under a HUGE shade tree. Perfect! The weather was great too. Sunny but not too hot. And since we were in the shade I didn’t get any sun, thank goodness. We thought we had our lines under control at one point. Momo & I both had literally never ending lines from start to finish.  We had to post a mom at the end of the lines to shoo kids away.  Kinda felt bad about that.  We would have gotten all the kids done earlier but the fire truck turned their hose up in the air and soaked all the children.  That’s a lot of fun on a sunny day but guess what happens when water based face paint meets a fireman’s hose?  Yeah, we had a bunch of water logged kiddos back in our line for round two!  We had a great time and I hope they’ll hire us again next year!  Oh, and by the way, got this job via Twitter!  One of my tweeps tweeted that she was looking for a face painter and within 2 minutes I’d landed the job.  Viva technology!

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