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Because I love the little star bullets

Kind of a lot going on lately.

  • Booked hotel & flight to Vegas, baby!  So excited!  CSP has Vegas programmed into the custom weather tracker thing on the tv.  He checks it all the time.  I’m like what’s to check?  It’s constantly hellishly hot.  Our room at the Paris is only $69 a night!  Woot!  You can’t even get the Hampton Inn here for that!
  • My biological father & his mother, my Nanny, are coming for a 4 day visit in mid June.  The planning of this trip has resulted in many, many, MANY phone calls.  My Nanny is 86, never gives a straight answer, does not hear well or pay much attention to what you say, and probably makes stuff up.  We’ve gone from her staying here to not to staying downstairs here to upstairs to staying at my BIL’s mother’s house.  Who knows where she’s staying.  Sara has the pleasure of hosting my father at her house.  Better her than me, man.  If you haven’t experienced the freak show that is my father…well, just wait for the pics & the stories of his visit.  You may want to book your therapist appointment now.  I know I am.
  • Saturday Morgan & I are face painting at a school festival.  I got this job via Twitter.  Fun!  Wasn’t trolling for jobs either.  Just happened to read one of the tweets from someone I follow & now Momo & I will be making some extra $ while having a blast this weekend.
  • I’m seeing my knee surgeon Monday to see if he’ll inject me with Synvisc One. It’s this cool new stuff for osteo arthritis sufferers like myself.  They shoot it into your knee and it creates a cushion where my cartiledge used to be before arthritis ate it up.  I’m praying I’ll be approved and can get it.  I’d love to be able to walk around Vegas without pain.  Cross your fingers!
  • Took Zoe to the nursing home to visit Gmommy with Momo today.  Got some really cute pics.  I’ll share them after I show Gigi on Friday.  Zoe was a rock star.  Everyone loved her there!  Well, except one moron woman who thought she was a bulldog and warned people that Zoe bites.  Zoe has never bitten anyone in her life and how would Madame Moron know anyway?  Whatever.  All I know is Gmommy couldn’t get enough of Zoe and if it makes Gmommy happy then it’s a good thing.
  • Papa & Gigi come home tonight from Arizona.  They’ve been there since Saturday on an anniversary trip.  They celebrate 3 years married on June 1, although they’ve been together over 10 years.  They had breakfast in the same restaurant as Vince Vaughn!  I can’t wait to see pics on Friday when I go visit.
  • Speaking of Friday…CSP goes back to the dentist under the influence of Valium Friday morning for the 2nd attempt to fill his cavity.  I really hope they can do it this time.  Cross your fingers.  He’s a big guy.  I hope that Valium is a big pill!

6 thoughts on “Because I love the little star bullets”

  1. Yay for Vegas! How fun!

    I know there are some real issues with you and your birth father but the way you write about it makes me laugh every single time. I love your attitude about it.
    “You may want to book your therapist appointment now. I know I am.” LOL! That line made me spit my coffee all over my laptop screen!

    That is so cool about the face painting job. What a fun way to make some extra cash.

    Good luck to CSP at the dentist today! I hope the Valium helps take away some of the anxiety. That’s no fun.


  2. Love the star bulletts. I’m SUPER jealous about the Vegas trip…still trying to weedle one out of Terry. Cross your fingers!


  3. OMG.. I cracked up about booking a therapist appt. You have such a funny sense of humor and a good outlook on a relationship that is not so hot!

    Thanks for the laugh.



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