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I’m so gansta

Sara & I were talking about celebrities on Twitter.  By the way, Seth Rogen is not on Twitter.

Me: Like Puff Daddy Diddy.

Sara:  Right.

Me:  My name doesn’t work for those celebrity names like JLo or how Lindsay Lohan is Lilo.  I’d be ShaRed.  Doesn’t make sense.

Sara:  No, that doesn’t work.  What was P.Diddy’s name before?

Me:  Puffy?  Wait, he was Sean Puffy Combs, then Puffy, then Puff Daddy, then Puff Diddy?  I think?

Sara:  You could be P. Shanny.

Me:  (thinking of the spelling of diddy and my name).  I could be Shiddy.

Sara:  P. Shiddy!  Bahahaha!  You’re P. Shiddy!

Me:  No, wait!  That doesn’t sound right!

Sara:  Even your Facebook picture looks like you’re taking a P. Shiddy.

*Yeah, I changed that pic out right away!*

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  1. Hey what happened to your twitter feed? All my DMs sent to you and received from you disappeared! I can’t find you! Twitter is full of worms and viruses this weekend, did you get hit??


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