Gigi is going to kill me for posting about this.  But you know when you’re having a conversation and you think “OMG I have GOT to blog about this”?  Well…So Gigi had a colonoscopy this week.  It went well and everything is fine.  To prep for the procedure she had to drink some prescribed liquid.

Gigi: I have to drink it until I have clear poop.

Me: Clear poop?

Gigi: And if I don’t have clear poop today I have to drink another half gallon tomorrow until I have clear poop.

Me: So by clear poop…What do they mean?  Like chunks that you can see through? (all I could picture were little clear poop-burgs floating around looking like those acrylic things you put in the bottom of glass vases)

Gigi: OH MY GOD.

She then dissolved in laughter and may have even questioned my intelligence, but I’m blocking that part out.

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