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Bow to the Swedes!

Yesterday morning I woke up early (it can be done) and picked up Sara at her house.  We drove to IKEA to drop off our sweepstakes entries in the hopes to be one ( or two) of the 10 who will win a $1000 gift card.  There were a ton of flag people directing us to our parking space.  The line was already wrapped around the right side of the building at 9:30 am.  I was not looking forward to standing in that line.  Luckily when we walked up they let us skip the line and go right in.  We started up the escalator and were almost at the top when we heard squeals.  Susan was standing at the top of the escalator with Will & Miss. O.  “I can’t believe I beat you hear!!!” she yelled.  There were hugs all around then we started into the crowds, following the arrows on the floor.  It was Sara’s first time and she was, of course, amazed.  She instantly fell in love and her wish list started to grow.  We made it through the top floor in less than an hour then stopped for breakfast in the cafe.  After our super inexpensive breakfast ($5.70 for both of us!), we made our way downstairs and through the marketplace.  By now it was seriously crowded.  People bumping into each other.  I don’t like crowds.  It was almost a mob scene in textiles.  Sara and I got seperated a couple of times by the crowd but we finally made it into the warehouse and to the check out.  We used the self check out and were out in no time.  I’ve never spent so little at IKEA.  All I bought were 2 toilet brushes, 1 pack of coffee, 1 pack of cinnamon rolls, a candle, and a bottle of peach drink.  The rolls and coffee were for CSP.  He was bummed he couldn’t go with us since he had to work.

We dropped off our entry forms and found our car.  It took longer to get out of the parking lot than it did to get in!  It was SO crazy out there by this time (almost noon), but IKEA had it all under control.  Police officers were stationed everywhere directing traffic.  It was like the Pope was in town or something.

I’m so excited to have IKEA so close to home!  I can’t wait for the seasonal things to get stocked.  I’ve already got 2 more trips planned for this week!

8 thoughts on “Bow to the Swedes!”

  1. I reiterate. *JEALOUS* Our nearest one is 8 hours away. In *Utah.* And yes, I have been to it. Glad you now have one so close!! I will live vicariously thru you.

  2. Yay! Can’t wait to go again tomorrow! Although I now have a love hate relationship with ikea because I then came home… and looked around… and EVERYTHING looks liked crap and needs to go! LOL!

  3. also with the jealousy… although 2 hrs is TOTALLY do-able and I plan to zip up there one day soon after the “newness” wears off and the crowds arent so insane. We’ll have to make plans to have dinner or something when we come into town!

  4. Haha I love Ikea! I live 20 minutes away from the apparently the largest one in either canada or North America. Not too sure.. 🙂 And 30 minutes away from a second one.

    I have a wish list going… it’s hard not too.

  5. I just got back from there! I love all my new stuff…BTW what happened to waiting until April?! I couldn’t either!

  6. I have a couple of IKEAS within 30 minutes of my house…it’s a lot if I got once or twice a year. Now, if only they’d open TARGET in Canada, I’d get excited!!


  7. I’ve never been to IKEA. We do have some things from there, though (given as gifts). I believe that the closest one to us is four hours away (in PA or NJ, take your pick). I’d love to have one so close by. It would probably get our wallets into trouble, though! glad you had fun!

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