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I’ve got my first Winter cold so I think I’m going to take the lazy way out on this post and use some bullets.

  • Love the new WordPress Dashboard design!
  • The preview to Nothing Like the Holidays bugs me because one of the characters says “They’re conversating.”  Conversate is not a word!  Neither is conversating!
  • Went to bunco last night.  I didn’t win any $$ but had a good time.  We all brought a $5 gift card for a big swap.  I went home with a Starbucks card that CSP promptly stole from me.
  • Did I mention I’m sick? A girl showed up to bunco with a box of tissues, a cough that sounded like the croup, and a bag to hold her used tissues.  I used hand sanitizer all night and washed my hands frequently but today I’m sick when I wasn’t yesterday.  My Mom thinks it couldn’t have been from bunco, that it’s too soon, so that leaves my nephews as the culprits.  Every time I see them it seems I end up sniffling in the next few days.  Either way it’s not fun!
  • All of my Christmas shopping is finished!  Woot!  And most of the boxes have arrived at the house.  Another year of sucessful shopping without stepping foot in a mall.  Thank you Lord for the internets!
  • While shopping I made my yearly trip to to restock on my Bare Minerals.  I love all the free samples Sephora sends, plus the free shipping.  And of course I love my Bare Minerals.  I have been loyal since I started using them 2 years ago.  You might think it is pricey to pay $25 for a little jar of foundation but it takes me over a year to use that jar, my skin looks good, and it doesn’t even feel like you are wearing makeup!  By the way, if any Bare Escentuals big wigs are reading this right now I wouldn’t turn down some freebies!
  • My Dad got me started reading a new author.  Well, he’s not bookmortalnew to the world, just new to me.  Greg Iles.  I’ve now read Mortal Fear and Dead Sleep.  They were both really good.  Like, snuck into the bathroom and read while sitting in my makeup chair at the vanity until 4am good.
  • I’m going to try and finish, well, start and finish decorating for Christmas this weekend.  I will also try and get a decent shot of the pugs for our Christmas cards.  Wish me luck!  Wrangling 3 squirmy pugs is not the easiest of tasks.  I better get some more treats!

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  1. Hi Shanny!

    I found your blog through M3’s, Michelle’s and Shannon’s blogs. I adore Bare Minerals also! The best make-up ever!

    The Thanksgiving pics were great! What a nice looking family, and it sounds like you had loads of fun.

    Feel better soon!


  2. Its sucks to be sick at christmas! I feel my cold sore creeping back too.. boo!!

    Isn’t Greg Isles good?? I love Turning Angel!


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