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Roll out the barrel

On Black Friday I received a text from Jon’s Aunt (love all our texting relatives!) inviting me to dinner that night with the rest of the gang from Thanksgiving (save Jeff, Tess and their girls as they had already left for Virginia). Well, Uncle Erv was Momo’s 4th grade teacher and they hadn’t seen each other in a while so I thought it would be fun to bring her as a surprise.  Momo & me at WaldhornWe met up with the rest of the group at a local German restaurant.  They take the theme to a whole new level.  The place could really be “Germany” at Epcot!  Everyone was thrilled to see Morgan.  It was (cousin) Dana’s birthday so after dinner came the cake, candle, and accordion player! Dana & FIL at Waldhorn After a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday”, Erv started requesting songs.  Next thing you know the whole table is singing Roll Out the Barrel, Doe, a Deer, In Heaven there is no Beer, and a song I didn’t know that sounded like “I spied a sofa” but it was in German.  Momo was amazed that we all knew the words to the first two and I think got a little embarrassed!  Dinner lasted over 2 hours!  It was fun being the fun table in the place.  At one point my MIL and Erv jumped up and did the polka! MIL & Erv doing the polka at Waldhorn More pics here.

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