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Thanksgiving re-cap

It seems like forever since I’ve been home long enough to blog so I’m behind.  We alternate holidays so this Thanksgiving was spent at Jon’s parents’ house. Thanksgiving table all set CSP had to work in the morning of Thanksgiving.  We met up at the grocery store then drove out to his parents house where all kinds of relatives were waiting. CSP & Uncle Denny hanging out on Thanksgiving An aunt & uncle from Florida, a cousin & his wife and 2 girls Sammi having fun in the backyard Maggie buried in the leavesfrom Virginia (though they have spent the last 3 years living in Guam), and some local relatives too.  It was a big crowd.  The whole group at Thanksgiving We had a good time, ate lots of deep fried turkey, CSP manning the turkey fryer on Thanksgiving and didn’t get home til almost midnight!  More pictures here.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving re-cap”

  1. Hey Shanny…no worries I am so behind in blogging too…
    It looks like you had a fun filled Turkey day! I love how you added litle pictures through out your post…


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