Sweet skies of Sugarland

Friday night my friend Christina took me to see Sugarland in concert!  Sugarland is one of my very favorite groups so I was really excited!   I normally carry the 5th Avenue Thirty- One purse but for the concert I wanted something I could hold closer to my body.  I am married to Captain Safety Pants after all.  So I pulled out my Organizing Shoulder Bag.  I love this bag because I can wear it cross body and it holds a ton of stuff while staying nice and flat.  Plus, with all the pockets you know just where everything is.  I grabbed the About Town Blanket since we were sitting on the lawn at the concert and we were ready to go!   Loved how the About Town Blanket performed.  I saw tons of people struggling to carry big quilts and blankets.  Me, all I had to do was hold my blanket by the handle.  It unrolled and gave us plenty of blanket to sit on.  The back kept us dry and the fleece top was nice and soft.

Now, back to the concert.  It was awesome!  I hadn’t been to a concert in a million years and I’m so glad I got to go to this one. The opening acts were Canaan Smith and Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics.  Canaan Smith was really fun.  Sugarland came on and I was really impressed with how interactive they were with the crowd.  My favorite moment was when Jennifer Nettles stopped the band during “Baby Girl”.  She noticed this little girl in the crowd singing every word.  So she brought her up on stage and they finished the song together!  It was so sweet!  Christina and I both cried!   It was so great!  I can’t wait for their next album!

Free love songs

Amazon is giving away a dozen or so songs for free.  It’s a Valentine’s Day playlist.  Click here for the freebie tunes!   Lately I’ve been listening to Neon Trees, Tennis, Miranda Lambert, and Jessie James.  I love finding new music for free!  I discovered Tennis when their song Marathon was the free song of the week on iTunes.  Same with Neon Trees.  Their song Animal was free on iTunes a few months ago and I’ve been hooked on them ever since!

Essential Music

My new favorite band is Zach Fowler and the Essentials. My sister Momo introduced me to them when she was dating their bassist.  Normally I would have thought “Oh great, now she’s gonna make me listen to some sub par garage band.”  And actually that is what I thought.  Until I heard their new CD.  They are SO good!  They are kind of a mix between Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson and 311.  I can’t stop listening to them!  Check em out on Facebook (where you can listen to their debut album) and pick up their cd on iTunes!

I heart Twitter

imagesTwitter is partly to blame for my lack of blogging lately. But don’t be mad at Twitter, good things happen there.  For instance, Hugh Jackman, yep, the real Hugh Jackman tweets.  And he started a contest on Twitter where he’d donate $100,000 to a tweeter’s favorite charity.  You had to tweet him the charity & why he should pick it.  He ended up splitting the $100k between 2 very deserving charities.  How great is that?  And he twitters himself.  He doesn’t have some assistant do it.  Love him!

Then there’s one of my favorite singers, Lily Allen. She also tweets herself. While on her American tour this Spring she would tweet clues to her fans.  Then they would follow the clues to find 3 sets of free tickets to her show!  She did this for just about every show I think.  And the coolest part is that she’d hang out and see that the tickets were found then meet & have pics taken with the winners. I just think that was such a cool thing to do.  Especially in this economy.  Sometimes she’d even include VIP passes.  Love her!

I love Twitter cause I can images-1update my Facebook status via text from my cell while out and about.  Plus it’s fun to tweet back and forth with tweeps.  Their tweets get sent to my cell via text too. So go sign up & follow me!

Roll out the barrel

On Black Friday I received a text from Jon’s Aunt (love all our texting relatives!) inviting me to dinner that night with the rest of the gang from Thanksgiving (save Jeff, Tess and their girls as they had already left for Virginia). Well, Uncle Erv was Momo’s 4th grade teacher and they hadn’t seen each other in a while so I thought it would be fun to bring her as a surprise.  Momo & me at WaldhornWe met up with the rest of the group at a local German restaurant.  They take the theme to a whole new level.  The place could really be “Germany” at Epcot!  Everyone was thrilled to see Morgan.  It was (cousin) Dana’s birthday so after dinner came the cake, candle, and accordion player! Dana & FIL at Waldhorn After a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday”, Erv started requesting songs.  Next thing you know the whole table is singing Roll Out the Barrel, Doe, a Deer, In Heaven there is no Beer, and a song I didn’t know that sounded like “I spied a sofa” but it was in German.  Momo was amazed that we all knew the words to the first two and I think got a little embarrassed!  Dinner lasted over 2 hours!  It was fun being the fun table in the place.  At one point my MIL and Erv jumped up and did the polka! MIL & Erv doing the polka at Waldhorn More pics here.

Funky love

Thank you for all of your supportive comments and emails.  I heart y’all.  It is hard not to get into a funk when my father comes around.  I try to rise above the funk, but it doesn’t always work.  So, to try and keep positive I shall share with you a few things I’m loving right now (besides you).

  • Kanye West and his new song Love Lockdown.  I adore him.  I think he’s incredibly talented.  He’s always coming out with something new and different.  He is also very funny without trying to be.  The video is awesome too.  Very clean asthethically.  He was on Ellen and showed the video this week.
  • Basic Instinct by Pure Romance.  It’s this tiny little bottle of roll on cologne.  They say it’s unisex but I doubt CSP would let me put any on him.  It smells SO good.  And it smells different on every person.  So who knows what it would smell like on you?  I loooove it.  And I didn’t expect to.  And isn’t that a cool surprise when stuff like that happens?  It’s a little pricey for such a teeny bottle but you don’t use but a drop so it lasts a good while.
  • Body Dew by Pure Romance.  It’s this spray on body oil that is most effective just after your shower, while you’re still wet.  It is doing wonders for my excema.  It smells great, makes your skin so soft without being greasy, and gives it a, well, dewy look.
  • Love On The Inside by Sugarland.  Love Sugarland.  Wonder how his wife feels about him being around cutie Jennifer all the time.  Favorite songs on this album: Fall Into Me, Steve Earle (minus the talky part), Come On Get Higher,  Genevieve,  Already Gone.  Great album for a road trip.  Also think cover art would make a great tattoo!
  • Hocus Pocus candles by PartyLite.  My favorite October candle.  When I unpacked all my Halloween decorations I was so excited to unpack these candles and get them lit.  When they burn the liquid wax melts into this super cool yellowy neony green color.  And they smell so good!

Up to

*I’ve been really enjoying Sara Bareilles lately. Love her voice and her lyrics. Photobucket
*I’ve got a to do list a mile long as I prepare to take a road trip up to Baltimore to visit Lisa next week! I’m really excited to see her, Laura, Petah, the whole gang.

*I’m doing a lot of jewelry making and growth chart painting. Pictures to come. I’m making one for Laura’s baby, but I can’t post pics of it on here til after I get home from B’more. I don’t want Laura to see it on here before she sees it in real life.  As far as the jewelry making goes, when I get back from B’more I’m going to crank out a whole bunch of new stuff and get my Etsy shop going again.

*I’ve twice now gone out at night without deodorant. This is driving me nuts. Last night I took a shower before going out to play Bunco (won $7!). It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I’d forgotten my deodorant. I did that on Christmas Eve too. I should probably keep some in the car just in case!

*Speaking of showers…I took advantage of the after Christmas sale at Bath & Body Works (online of course). My order came yesterday afternoon and I was excited to try out my new Twisted Peppermint 3 in 1 (shampoo, bubble bath, body wash- big bottle, only $6!!!). PhotobucketI was all tingly and good smelling all night.  Public service announcement:  be careful when using this on your bits.  There’s a fine line between “tingly” and “holy smokes that burns!”.

Dear Tim McGraw and friends,

I made the mistake of listening to a country music station while driving yesterday.  This resulted in full on sobbing while operating a motor vehicle.  But I was inspired by the Country Music Awards last week.  I only saw a few minutes of it, but those were a nice few minutes filled with Josh Turner singing Firecracker.  And those eyes and that voice and that mouth can certainly inspire a girl.  So I flipped my radio station to the local country channel in the hopes of hearing more like Josh.  Instead I wept all the way down I77.  Why oh why are the songs so sad?  Why, Tim, did you have to write a song about a soldier who died, but not before writing poignant letters to his loved ones?  Why did your friend Rodney Atkins (I’m assuming y’all are friends since Southerners are a friendly bunch and you’ve probably met at a music function) have to go and sing a song about praying to be a good father and chicken nuggets?  And can you ask Kenny Chesney about the father/daughter song There Goes My Life?  It KILLS me.  Y’all are rich people.  With (I’m guessing) good lives and few real worries.  Sing some happy songs.  I bet you could afford to buy an iPhone.  And a golf cart.  Plus you have kids.  All those things would make me happy.  Don’t they do the same for you?  Just think about it next time you pick up the ole 6 string.

I can’t drive through my tears.  Hey, that might be a good song verse!



1 2 3 4

m_820c3375553007f887ac53eb0316a924.jpgFirst it was the new iPod Nano commercial. Couldn’t stop singing it, but I didn’t know what I was singing. So I Googled it and then spent my 99 cents at iTunes. Now I really can’t stop singing it. And the video? One long shot. Amazing. Best one I’ve seen since OK Go’s “Here It Goes Again”.

And hey, if you didn’t read my previous post, please do.  And please spend about $3 and 15 minutes helping our troops.  If I found out you were on the other side of the world on Christmas with no mail or Christmas cheer from home, I’d totally send you a card.