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Trip itty bitties

Just a few things I realized I forgot to mention in my trip report.

  • The Disney Wonder’s horn plays the first few notes of “When You Wish Upon A Star”.  SO cute!  If you click on this pic you can see all the horns.  One for each note. The Disney Wonder
  • The restrooms on the Disney Wonder blew me away.  First of all, our cabin bathrooms are fantastic.  They are split.  You have one little room that has the loo and a sink plus lots of shelves and the hairdryer. Love the split bathroom in our stateroom Then the other room holds the TUB (not many cruise ships offer tubs in standard staterooms) and another sink. Bathroom in our stateroom This meant that when we were getting ready I could be blowing my hair dry in a non steamed up room while CSP was taking his shower.  Also, the tub means you can bathe your children as if they were at home instead of prison camp style in a stand up shower.  It also means that you can hang something on the back of the door in the tub bathroom and it won’t get soaked like on other cruise ships.  I’ve taken many cruises and on some ships the shower WAS the bathroom and everything got wet- toilet, sink, everything.
  • And the public restrooms on the ship?  RULED.  Public restrooms on other ships I’ve been on (like Carnival) look like a restroom in a Target or something.  I wish I’d taken pics of the restrooms on the Disney ship.  I did find one on flickr though so you could see. 2897800046_38cc5b616e Note the stars on the ceiling! The Disney magic is in every square inch of the ship and I just love that.
  • My Dad Papa & Gigi at lunch in St. Augustine looks like a bunch of famous people.  We’ve heard that he looks like George Seifert (NFL coach) 5000265_george_seifert_49er_feature especially when George was the coach of the Carolina Panthers.  We’ve heard James Cromwell (actor from Babe) Mann Village and we’ve even heard he looks like George H. W. Bush. georgebushsr Well one day on the ship Papa, Gigi and I were on the elevator with a little boy, about 8 or 9 years of age. He kept looking at Papa like he was trying to figure out who he was.  So my Mom says to him “Does he look familiar?” and the little boy was like “kinda” so Mom was sort of whispering “Like Mr. President? George Bush?”.  The boy’s little gears started turning you could tell.  Papa was just standing there in his sunglasses and hat, not saying a word.  We got off the elevator and walked away.  Then all the sudden we heard “Hey!”  Mom and I turned around while Papa kept walking and saw the little boy was sticking his head out the elevator.  “Is that really George Bush??”  Mom put her finger to her lips “Shhhhh” and I said “Don’t tell anyone.”  His eyes got big as saucers.  “Whoa!”  He disappeared back into the elevator.  It was so cute!

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  1. Wow, I’ve never taken a cruise so I guess I had no idea how small bathrooms were on a ship, but that’s great that they made them so nice!


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