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The long day and the dark knight

This morning I got up early and met my friend Z at the park so I could take family portraits of her familia. Z familia We had a good time, I just wish we had a bit more sunshine.  You can see all the pics here.  After the park I went downtown and met up with Papa, Gigi & Momo at the IMAX theater to see The Dark Knight.  Wow was that good.  I will honestly be shocked if Heath Ledger isn’t at least nominated for an Oscar.  The theater was sold out and full of guys who were in awe of the movie.  There were lots of hoots and hollers.  After the movie we walked across the street for a late lunch at Stool Pigeons.  They have a million tvs and some of them were showing the Espy’s.  I wish they had sound on because Justin Timberlake looked like he was being really funny!  I went home after we ate and CSP came home soon after.  We played the wii for a while before bed.  We’re getting pretty good at it!