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Independence Day Weekend

I spent the holiday weekend up in the mountains with my family (minus Jon & my BIL as they had to work). I rode up on Thursday night with Mom, Papa & Momo. On the way there we stopped and had dinner at Ruby Tuesday. We were waiting for a table. Also in the waiting area was a mom and her little 6 or 7 yr old boy. He was cuuuuute as could be in his little baseball outfit with the black lines under his eyes, blond hair and glasses. Mom said “Did you play baseball today?” In his tiny little voice he answered back “Yes, Ma’am”.

Did you win?

No, Ma’am.

That’s ok. You’ll get em next time right?

Well, no, Ma’am. We got eliminated from the tournament tonight.

OMG. Momo and I just started dying laughing. This poor sweet little boy and his little sweet voice. The mom went on to tell us that they lost on a bad call by the ref and everyone’s just devastated. Way to rub salt in the wound Mom!

We made it up to the mountain house about 10:30 and got settled in.

Friday morning we had breakfast then I babysat the boys while the rest of the fam hiked up to see a waterfall. They came back and we all went out to lunch then to get groceries. We went back to the house and took naps to get rested for the evening festivities! We went down to the park for an hour or so. They had a band and the boys played on the playground. Morgan on the big screw in the park in Valle CrucisThe Band & the crowd in the park in Valle CrucisJoey in the park in Valle CrucisJacob on the curly slide in Valle Crucis Then we went back to the house and took our fireworks across the street behind the store. We’re responsible pyros and didn’t want to be around grass or trees. Fireworks on the 4th We all had a great time lighting the fireworks,Sweet little fireworksMountain fireworks then it was back inside for snacks, tv and bed.

Saturday I stayed home in bed all day with my bum, swollen up knee. It was soooo gross and big. But it was raining all day so I didn’t miss much. Saturday afternoon Sara & the boys went back home. That night Mom, Papa, Momo & I watched The Mist & The Other Boleyn Girl on Mom’s laptop. MUST get a dvd player for the mountain house! Can you imagine all 4 of us huddled around a laptop trying to listen to those 2 tiny speakers?

Sunday we cleaned up the house, shopped at the store (first time on record I didn’t buy a single thing), and hit the road for home. We stopped and ate at Ham’s on the way home and watched a little Wimbledon. We drove through lots of rain to my Mom’s house. Then I unloaded their car, loaded mine and headed home.
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