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Florida Fun Days 1 & 2

I’m breaking up our trip into smaller segments. SO Days 1 & 2.

Monday- Day 1:

CSP drove us to the airport. (Papa was already in Orlando since Friday for his big conference. He started this company that trains bank auditors and this is their big annual conference.) So we got to the airport and of course my CPAP machine caused a big stink. They sent it through the xray machine 3 times, and sent me through the big machine 3 times too. Then they took us over to a separate area and made me unpack my machine so they could inspect it and rub all over it. But we still made it to our flight on time. Whew.

We had to change planes in Atlanta. We had just over 40 minutes from touch down to take off to make it to our next plane. We booked on down the terminal to the new gate and Mom had to go to the bathroom. So I waited with the bags while listening for them to call us to board. She came back and we chatted for a minute then all of the sudden we heard “This is the FINAL call for flight 300 to Orlando. We will be closing the gate in less than 1 minute.” Holy smokes! We ran over to the lady and just barely made it on board. We were the last ones so you know everyone just loved us!
View from my seat on the way down to Orlando

We made it to Orlando and I got so excited because I saw the monorail and thought, shoot, we don’t need to pay for a cab! We can just take the monorail to Disney then the bus to Downtown Disney which is right across from our hotel so woohoo we’re there for free! Yeah, so that monorail is just to get you from the terminal to the main part of the airport. Cab ride to the hotel cost us $65! Mom talked to the cab driver the whole time grilling him on his life. He was nice and from Haiti. We stopped at Walgreen’s on the way since neither one of us had quart size bags so we had to fly with no lip gloss or lotion or purell. The humanity!

We made it to the hotel and got settled in our room. So nice! They gave Papa a suite with a regular room and a big living room/dining room area. I thought for a second I would be sleeping on the sofa until we discovered the murphy bed. I was so excited! I’ve never seen one in real life. It was so comfy! I want one! My Murphy bed at the Hilton in Orlando We took a nap then joined Papa at his company’s reception for dinner. There was an amazing steel drum band there. Love that music! After the reception Mom & I went back to the room and watched Juno while Papa mingled. Boy did I cry. But I just LOVED that movie. Then it was time for bed.

Tuesday- Day 2: We woke up and had breakfast. Papa was off working so Mom & I watched P.S. I Love You and had another good cry. Love the music from both those movies. After our movie we walked over to Downtown Disney. We shopped around a little and had a late lunch at Wolfgang Puck Express. We were at one really cute shop and my Mom had picked out some wedding shower gifts for a certain someone. We were at the register and my Mom handed the guy a card and he just stood there not ringing her up. She had given him her driver’s license! Turns out she didn’t bring her debit card or credit card from home! So I was her wallet all week. I get the miles so that worked out just fine. But it was funny watching her go to the registers while we were shopping, plop down her stuff and look at me like “come here wallet!”

For dinner Tuesday Papa made us reservations at Benihana in the hotel. Fast moving chef at BenihanaThe family sharing our table was from this tiny island between England and France called Guernsey. They were a lot of fun. We asked each other lots of questions. They thought the word “faucet” was strange (they call it a tap). And they told us that Friends and The Simpsons were the big hit shows over there right now. They also said that “pants” was their word for underwear so they thought it strange that Americans talked about their underwear on tv all the time. Oh, and they call eggplant aubergines. Love that.

More pictures here!

9 thoughts on “Florida Fun Days 1 & 2”

  1. How fun to sit near those people at the restaurant. I would have enjoyed talking to them too.
    Juno is certainly a tearjerker isn’t it! I went in to see it thinking it was it mainly comedy. I was surprised that it wasn’t really all funny. great movie nonetheless.
    You mom sounds like a trip! I bet she LOVED you being her wallet. lol!

  2. your pictures are killing me…i SO need to go back and soon…omg – i laughed hard when you saw the monorail at the airport! but you had the right idea…just the wrong monorail. cannot wait for more details of your vacation.

  3. Sounds like you had a blast! I LOVED Juno. Really loved it. Gonna have to own that one. I cried buckets at the end. I’m adopted and my Mom was only nineteen when she gave us up, and for some reason the scene at the end after she had the baby and they had taken it away and she was crying in the hospital bed, it hit me HARD. All I could think about my birthdmother, and how she had to do that, but there were TWO of us and how did she do it, and what a gesture of love. She wanted us to have a better life and she made the ultimate sacrifice for us. I hope I get to meet her someday and tell her how grateful I am. Geez sorry to hijack your comments. I just really loved that movie 🙂

  4. So coool you got to meet people from Guernsey. I knew about Aubergines(a french word) but not the others.

    Also know flat=apt, lift=elevator and tele=televions(of course). LOL

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