Running with the big dogs

Wednesday I went to my hair girl’s house and got my hair done. This was the day before I found out I had pneumonia. I took Zoe with me to meet her. I knew Sarah would just love her and I was right. But who knew Sarah’s boxer, Bones, would fall in love so fast!?! Zoe & Bones Sarah’s husband put out 2 water bowls for the dogs and of course Zoe chose the big one. It was so funny to see big ol’ Bones drinking out of that tiny bowl! He let Zoe chew his rawhide and chase him around.
He followed her around like a love sick puppy.Zoe & Bones the boxer with Sarah He didn’t want her to leave. It was so sweet. He’d give her a big lick and leave her all sopping wet with her hair sticking up all over.

Speaking of hair, I moved from bronde to blonde again for Spring. I swear, she gives the best hair cuts and does the best highlighting. Oh, and they had a new hi def flat screen tv. I was blown away. I’m not normally picky about what tv I watch. As long as I can see it I’m fine. But holy smokes, the picture, the clarity! We watched the food channel and you could see the seeds in the little cherry tomatoes, and the veins in the herbs. I was in awe!

3 thoughts on “Running with the big dogs

  1. Oh, foo. Now I want a better TV. 😦

    Those were cute pictures of Zoe with the BIG dog. And you know what they say……opposites attract! *wink, wink*

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