I’m so excited- I just pulled off one of the biggest surprises I’ve planned for a friend! Tomorrow is Lisa’s birthday. In March Jon told me I could come up for Lisa’s birthday weekend since we can’t visit for a week in the summer like we usually do (with the adoption budget and what not). So I cashed in some miles (we realized we’ll never have enough to get to China) and worked it out with Pete, Lisa’s boyfriend, and her sister and flew up to Baltimore! I got in around 8 and Lisa’s sister Laura and her dad picked me up from the airport. Then we met up with Lisa and Pete at a restaurant. Laura and Dad walked in and I waited a couple minutes then I walked in. Lisa’s eyes were big as saucers and she was all confused as to how I got here. I’m so happy we pulled it off- Lisa is hard to surprise. We’re going to tool around Baltimore tomorrow then Saturday we’re going to Atlantic City for the day! I’m so excited! I’m doing a mini tour of the Mid Atlantic States!