All fired up

I’m so in a fight right now but I can’t tell you all the details. It has to do with a project we’re working on. I can’t reveal it for a while cause of privacy issues- some real life people read this blog and we don’t want them to know what’s in the works yet. But you’ll get the gist of it. Ok, so I’m working with some people on a project and one of the options I had was let’s say beads. So they gave me 2 choices in beads, blue and red. I went with blue cause it was better than the red, although it wasn’t my favorite. Then the day after I made my choice I found out they offered a purple bead. I had asked for a purple one repeatedly and they said it wasn’t offered. Many calls were made and one call in particular got me so fired up I can’t stand it. I was talking with a man we’ll call Bob. I had to tweak the conversation a bit to fit the bead scenario, but his insults are still the same.

Me: Hi! I’m a customer and I chose the blue bead the other day but the day after I saw the purple was available and I would like to change my option to the purple one.
Bob: The purple isn’t an option.
Me: Really? Well, then why is it in the catalog if it isn’t an option?
Bob: You see ma’am, the designers put the catalog together in an appealing fashion to lure the customer in. They try and make the catalog look as attractive as possible, but not all of their touches are available as options.
Me: Yes, Bob, I understand that there will be design elements in the catalog, but the catalog clearly shows this as an option. I even took a picture of it.
Bob: Ma’am, you may think you saw a purple bead, and you may think you took a picture of a purple bead, but trust me, there is no purple bead.

So now I’m pissed. What? Like I’m drunk or blind and don’t know what I saw? I took a friggin picture!!!! Let me tell you, this ain’t over. I’ll be getting my purple bead, and I’m not paying for it! And Bob will be lucky if he has a job!

Later today Bob called me back. -Ma’am, there is a purple bead. But it is a test bead. You can ask if you can have it for $100. But there are no guarantees. And you said it was a green bead, not purple. It is a purple bead.
Arrggh! I want to ring his neck.
Other people at his company have since told me, oh yeah, there’s a new bead, a purple one. And even the regional director is involved working on getting me the purple bead. Bob’s going down. Going down like a submarine baby!