Photographic Evidence

*click on all pics to enlarge. You guys know that by now right? I’m gonna quit typing that every time.
1. Evidence that my subscription to Real Simple is justified. I actually used a tip. I read that is you have leftover wax from a scented candle you can put it in a glass bowl and warm that bowl on your coffee maker and that it will make your house smell good.. It works. And now I know how to do something with the coffee maker. Just don’t ask me to make coffee, they didn’t cover that in in this month’s issue.
2. That for at least one day, the day I cleaned out and organized the pantry, I knew exactly how many cans of cream of mushroom soup we had on hand. 17. We really need to quit buying cream of mushroom soup.
3. That sibling rivalry starts young. Jake and Joey were fighting over who got to drink out of the fancy plastic cup at Gmommy’s birthday party Sunday. I LOVE how JoJo is licking the cup, as if to say- dude, you can drink from it, but it is mine. This photo is also evidence that I have the worst case of baby brain. The only pictures I took at my Gmommy’s 70th birthday party and Mother’s Day gathering were of these two boys who are neither 70 nor mothers.
4, That Molly must be related to Yoda. Look at that sweet face! And those ears! At the vet today she weighed in at 8.38 lbs. My baby is growing up way too fast.