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Sweet skies of Sugarland

Friday night my friend Christina took me to see Sugarland in concert!  Sugarland is one of my very favorite groups so I was really excited!   I normally carry the 5th Avenue Thirty- One purse but for the concert I wanted something I could hold closer to my body.  I am married to Captain Safety Pants after all.  So I pulled out my Organizing Shoulder Bag.  I love this bag because I can wear it cross body and it holds a ton of stuff while staying nice and flat.  Plus, with all the pockets you know just where everything is.  I grabbed the About Town Blanket since we were sitting on the lawn at the concert and we were ready to go!   Loved how the About Town Blanket performed.  I saw tons of people struggling to carry big quilts and blankets.  Me, all I had to do was hold my blanket by the handle.  It unrolled and gave us plenty of blanket to sit on.  The back kept us dry and the fleece top was nice and soft.

Now, back to the concert.  It was awesome!  I hadn’t been to a concert in a million years and I’m so glad I got to go to this one. The opening acts were Canaan Smith and Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics.  Canaan Smith was really fun.  Sugarland came on and I was really impressed with how interactive they were with the crowd.  My favorite moment was when Jennifer Nettles stopped the band during “Baby Girl”.  She noticed this little girl in the crowd singing every word.  So she brought her up on stage and they finished the song together!  It was so sweet!  Christina and I both cried!   It was so great!  I can’t wait for their next album!