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m_820c3375553007f887ac53eb0316a924.jpgFirst it was the new iPod Nano commercial. Couldn’t stop singing it, but I didn’t know what I was singing. So I Googled it and then spent my 99 cents at iTunes. Now I really can’t stop singing it. And the video? One long shot. Amazing. Best one I’ve seen since OK Go’s “Here It Goes Again”.

And hey, if you didn’t read my previous post, please do.  And please spend about $3 and 15 minutes helping our troops.  If I found out you were on the other side of the world on Christmas with no mail or Christmas cheer from home, I’d totally send you a card.

3 thoughts on “1 2 3 4

  1. Hi Shanny!
    I lost track of you for a while, but I’m glad I found your blog again. I’m Carrie from Nebraska… remember me? I sent you a package of goodies to cheer you up a couple of years ago, and you sent me a couple pairs of handmade earrings as a thank-you? Those rock by the way, I still wear them. Anyway… I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one addicted to that “1234” song. Thanks for linking to that video and the OK Go one, also. They were great Friday entertainment here at the office. 🙂

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