Bachelor Week 3

BBs, it’s week 3 and FINALLY a little drama for your llama!!! But first… We are subjected to yet another shower scene with Zach! We get it! He’s a clean boy! I don’t need to see all that …body, thank you v much. I mean, there’s even a foot shot!

1-1 with Kaity

Zach takes Kaity to the Natural History Museum at night and they are the only people there. I admit, that would be a cool date. At Fake Dinner Kaity is crying over her previous relationship and how she just wants the basics like a good man who’s nice to her and how she’s never had anyone do anything romantic for her so this date is blowing her mind! Thank the production assistants Kaity, Z didn’t plan a bit of this! That’s pretty pitiful though, that she’s in her mid 20s and had yet to experience any romance! Z & Kaity put on animal themed pajamas and spend the night in a tent by the elephant exhibit. Nice! Kaity returns to the mansion in the morning past 7 am in her PJs and running on zero sleep and ALL the girls are talking about it! Hashtag jealous.

Group Date

The ladies are taken to a football field to play full tackle football in the Bachelor Bowl 5! Two former NFL players train the girls first. The NFL guys were named but they mean nothing to me. Go sportsball! During the very first play, the kickoff y’all, Anastasia goes down and doesn’t get up for a while. Then Gabi gets tackled and pees herself a little. The winners of the game get to go to an after party while the losers go back to the house. The Ball Zachs, the blue team (natch), wins.

At the after party Christina keeps bringing up how she had the first one on one and how special her connection is with Zach and how she’s met his family and on and on and on. Brooklyn tells Christina to hush up about it. Bailey asks Zach for validation and he says he doesn’t think there’s a future for them. He sends Bailey home. The remaining girls are shook and Christina says “It’s inevitable” and is pretty cold about the whole thing, to everyone’s shock. Charity gets the group date rose and Zach leaves. As soon as Z is out of earshot, Christina says “OK I’m confused. Why wasn’t it me?” (to get the rose). Charity starts crying. Brooklyn tells Christina to shut the F up. Bravo!

1-1 with Ally

Before her one on one date Ally receives a big, white box with a bridal ensemble (pantsuit) inside. She dons the suit and Z takes her to an airport where they board a small plane that they will soon be skydiving from! After they hurl themselves toward the Earth from a perfectly good plane, they relax in a hot tub for a bit. That night over Fake Dinner, Ally talks about her need to always feel in control. Z gives her the rose.

The next day Jesse informs the girls that there will not be a cocktail party, but instead there will be a pool party. During the party Brianna tells Z that Christina is making her uncomfortable and is making her and other girls cry. Brianna decides to leave.

Z addresses the ladies as a group and says there’s some people or someone in the house making people uncomfortable. He then chats one on one with Christina, Brooklyn, and Charity. When he’s speaking with Christina she keeps talking over him and he looks so exasperated! She starts to cry and plays the victim saying that this makes no sense to me. Then she goes and cries on the stairs in her cheeky bikini. It’s just plain pitiful!

Rose Ceremony

The entire time Z is speaking, Christina is standing there making all these odd faces. Genevie is in an arm sling from football. Mercedes (who I didn’t even recognize as ever even being on this show when they show her in the lineup) gets the last rose. That means Christina is going home! Good. I mean, I know she would make some good tv but you also know she would make those poor girls miserable. I’m glad Z didn’t keep her for the drama!!!

Next week- the Bahamas! Until then BBs. 🌹 xo