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The Bachelorettes

Season Premier BBs! I’m back with my thoughts on the first week of the first season with two, count em, two bachelorettes- Gabby and Rachel!!! Let’s dive right in!

Firstly, what is this new mansion the girls are staying in?? Secondly, they both look amazing in their first night dresses! Thirdly, even Jesse Palmer has no idea how this is going to work! Did NO ONE sit down and spitball some ideas?? There are no rules here and sometimes you need a bit of structure!

Limo entrances-

I’m not going to list all the men. I think there are 417 of them. But I will note my standouts.

Zach is the first one out and both ladies agree he’s a cutie.
Matt is cute.
Logan, 26 brings two live baby chicks! They are pooping in his hands- bahahaha!!!
Quince tells G&R “I haven’t had sex in a year and a half!” Okayyyy.
Guys keep bring up Clayton. LET IT GO.
Alec brings a 4 person high school choral group to sing his praises!
One guy shows up barefoot. Gross.
One guy is called Meatball and brings a ginormous meatball sub.
Tino drives in on a forklift.
Jacob rides in shirtless and oiled on a horse. The horse is more beautiful than he is TBH.
There’s a set of twins who look to be about 9 years old.
Then there’s Erich (WHY did his parents add the H???).
And Aven. Dear LORT!!! This man is gorgeous!!!

Gabby gets the first kiss of the evening from Mario. Then Rachel gets a kiss from Tino, who turns out to be pretty cute. Erich ( it PAINS me to type that H) kisses Gabby. Good thing he’s a cutie.

Rachel gives her first impression rose to Tino and Gabby gives hers to Mario.

Rose Ceremony

All the men line up as per usual and R&G call Roby the magician (LAME) and the prepubescent twins Justin and Joey and ask to speak to them. The ladies take the men outside and send them home. I like this! Why make them sweat through an hours long rose ceremony if you’re not feeling it?? Brava!!!

The ladies walk back inside, tell the remaining guys what just went down and let them know that they are all safe from elimination and will be continuing on next week.

And that’s it for the premier! No rules! The previews for the season showcase the prerequisite teary montage, but also they go on a cruise!!! And to Paris, and it looks like Holland maybe. Way to go ABC for upping the budget finally after seasons staged in resorts because of Covid!

So, who stood out to you BBs??? Until next week!! xo 🌹