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Bachelor Week 2

It’s week 2 BBs and it’s time for dates and drama! First, the women move into the Bachelor mansion and they are extremely excited about it.

Group Date #1

Hilary Duff hosts the date. The ladies are tasked to set up a little girl’s birthday party. Cassidy is supposed to help set up a play house but flat out refuses. “I’m not here to hang streamers”. Instead she drags Clayton out of sight of the other ladies to the pool where they make out for a half hour. The two of them rejoin the group long enough for Cassidy to DROP THE CHILD’S BIRTHDAY CAKE ON THE GROUND!!! The same cake that Genevieve spent an hour decorating!!! None of this earns Cass any points with the women, who are currently plotting her death.


Clayton arrives at the after party in a hoodie and a sports jacket and I’m so confused!!! WHO is his stylist??? Such an odd pairing. The girls confront Cassidy about her behavior that day and our girl Cass DOES. NOT. CARE. She makes it v v clear she is here for one thing only and that is not making friends. Somehow Cassidy gets the group date rose and the other ladies are LIVID.

Susie’s 1-1

Susie LUCKS OUT on her date! She and C take a helicopter to a yacht to spend the day! They hang in the hot tub, swim, and make out. It’s not really all that noteworthy TBH. Susie reminds me SO much of Hannah B! And she says “LIKE” so much my head like hurts listening to her like, talk. She gets the rose.

Group Date #2

When the group date card is read out loud and Jill’s name isn’t on it, she cries tears and complains about how she left her friends and family and CAT! Bahahaha!!! Classic.
The group enters a room where a comedian is waiting to host the date. Ziwe is her name. Elizabeth sits next to Clayton and Shanae is so upset that she didn’t think of that move. Shanae spends her time glaring at Eliz and C flirting during the whole date. The group plays Never Have I Ever and then the girls have to complete an obstacle course. At one point Shanae shoves Eliz to the ground. Sarah wins the course.


Shanae decides Eliz doesn’t like her anymore so she tells Clayton that Eliz isn’t here for the right reasons. Shanae then tells the camera ” We’re in a competition and I want to win”. Nice. SO of course Clayton tells Eliz and then Eliz confronts Shanae. Shanea then tells all the girls that Eliz has ADHD. Again, how v nice of her, right? Sarah gets the Group Date rose.

Cocktail Party

Shanae & Eliz’s drama is STILL going on. UGH. Even Cassidy, who up to this point has been coaching Shanae in how to win, tells her to cut her losses. Cassidy has some drama of her own though because she apparently forgets she’s being filmed and tells another girl that she has a FWB at home!!! *Friend with benefits. AND this FWB just FaceTimed with Cass the day before filming. They spoke of plans for when she gets home. This info gets back to Clayton because OF COURSE IT DOES and Clayton goes to Jesse Palmer and asks “Has anyone ever taken back a rose??”. Meanwhile Cassidy is with the women saying “What’s he gonna do? I have a rose!” YIKES.

We have to wait 2 weeks to find out what happens BBs! Until then, xo 🌹