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Bachelorette Week 2 Recap

Well BBs it’s week 2 and there’s already a pot stirrer in our midst! But we’ll get to that.

First up is a group date in a classroom much like Michelle’s 5th grade class she teaches. Three 5th graders join her and they are adorably tough on the guys. There are spelling questions, math, chemistry, and musical chairs. BTW, Peter plays musical chairs like he’s in the thunder dome and his life is on the line. RELAX dude! At one point during chemistry class Peter is whisper yelling Michelle’s name so much that little Mia says to him “Leave her alone, MY GOD” and I am living for it!!! Peter is going to great lengths to be the center of attention and the other guys are not having it. In fact, when they have to spell narcissist, Will writes down “Peter”. HA!!!


OF COURSE Peter decides to confront Will about the narcissist thing and a shouting match ensues. Michelle hears the noise and pulls Peter aside later to ask him about it. He says it’s out of his character. Yeah, I don’t think so buddy.

Brandon gets the Group Date rose.

Jamie 1-1

They go to Joshua Tree to go rock climbing. It’s gorgeous there! They have a picnic at the top of the rock formation. Jamie seems nice but I don’t see this as a match, what with him jetting off all the time traveling and Michelle enjoying her life teaching in Minnesota.

Fake Dinner

Jamie shares that his mom battled mental issues all his life up until when he was 24 and she died by suicide. Wow. This is deep . Poor guy, I can’t even imagine. Michelle handles it perfectly though by saying “I don’t really know you, but I’m proud of you.” Jamie gets the rose.

Group Date

Basketball. This episode is flying by and I’m here for it. The blue team wins and gets time with Michelle at the after party. Joe gets the MVP prize which means he gets to go to the party too even though he was on the losing team.


Joe and Michelle are vibing big time. There’s definite chemistry. He ends up getting the group date rose.
The next night is the cocktail party. Jamie starts talking to various guys about Joe since he hears Joe’s becoming somewhat of a front runner. Jamie is clearly insecure because he can’t stop talking about Joe. What a shame. He then decides to talk to Michelle about Joe.

Jamie tells Michelle that “the guys” were speculating that Joe and Michelle knew each other before the show and were boo’d up. This upsets Michelle and she calls the guys all together to address it. She explains that they messaged a couple times a few years ago and that’s it. Then she cancels the rest of the party. Yet another example of a pot stirrer causing drama and taking time from the other guys JAMIE !!!

The guys want to know who went to Michelle with this nonsense but Jamie won’t fess up.

Rose Ceremony

For some reason she keeps Peter but sends home Alec, Pardeep, Daniel, and PJ.

Until next week BBs!!! xo🌹

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Bachelorette Season Premiere Recap

Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com

Well BBs, it’s time for another season of the Bachelorette! This time it’s Michelle’s turn to find love.

This season starts out being filmed in Palm Springs at a resort. Before the first big night, Caitlyn and Tayshia go around the hotel to the guys’ rooms and rummaging around in their things! In one guy’s room, Ryan, they find folders of notes and charts and graphs detailing things like how to get the most screen time, how to pretend to be interested in Michelle, etc. Controversy!!!

Skip to the first night. Michelle looks stunning in a metallic cut out dress, her hair curled and loose. I think it’s so funny that they still pile all the guys into limos and drive them around the block so they can make their entrances since everyone’s staying in the same resort!

Limo Entrances

Nayte 27 sales exec. I really like him.

Romeo 32 mathematician. Speaks French, no socks.

Jack 30 former army officer. WHY do men not wear socks anymore with their suits? Is there a national sock shortage I don’t know about???

Clayton 28 medical sales rep. Something about him rubs me the wrong way.

Jamie 32 biotech ceo

Chris G 28 motivational speaker. He has a weird accent.

Mollique 36 academic administrator

Alec 29 engineer

Will 28 academic interventionist

Pardeep 30 neuroscientist

Olu 27 IT analyst. Some interesting names! I’m here for it!!!

Chris S 28 commodities broker. Drives up in a short school bus wearing shorts with his suit and carrying a backpack.

Garrett 33 tech ceo. Arrives with a cane due to a broken foot. Cute!

Casey 36 advertising creative director

Brandon K 29 brand manager. Offers Michelle mardi gras beads if she shows him her….. heart he says but he was gesturing at her boobs! CLASSY.

LT 38 yoga guru. NO PANTS, tuxedo undies, wearing the rest of the tux but ewwwww!!!!

Rick 32 medical sales rep rolls up under a set table with food and candles on it and his head on a platter. Creepy!

Ryan 30 environmental consultant. Drives up in an ice cream truck. Catches Michelle’s eye.

Rodney 29 sales rep. Dressed as an apple.

Peter 26 pizzapreneur. Throws pizza dough in the air. Seems slimy to me.

Daniel 26 firefighter comes in full fire gear on a toy fire truck.

PJ 30 firefighter drives real fire truck up to meet Michelle. Poor Daniel.

Brandon J 26 traveling nurse recruiter. Rolls up on a bed.

Spencer 25 financial crimes analyst. Walks up dribbling 2 basketballs. He’s got skills! And an interesting sounding job.

Bryan 31 NFL player

JoMarri 26 personal trainer

Edward 27 wellness coach

Leroy 27 biomedical phd student

Martin 29 personal trainer. Big nose ring and odd silvery white colored hair.

Joe 28 real estate developer. Cute. Turns out Michelle recognizes him! She had slid into his DMs and they had talked about basketball in a few messages before he ghosted her she says.

Cocktail Party

Michelle pulls Joe to talk about their past communication. He says he was overwhelmed with the whole George Floyd situation and wasn’t in a good place to start a relationship. They are both from Minnesota. She says well you could have just told me that. Truth!

Later on, Caitlyn and Tayshia tell Michelle about what they found in Ryan’s room. Michelle immediately asks Ryan to chat. She confronts him about his folders and notes and he’s falling all over himself trying to justify it. It’s just a mess. He’s like a friend’s wife wrote those notes. And I wrote those notes. Michelle, like the teacher she is, marches Ryan up to his room and demands to see the notes. She reads over them while Ryan is standing in the hall talking a mile a minute about how it’s no biggie. Michelle sends him home and walks him out in front of everyone. Let that be a lesson learned young man!!!

Michelle returns to the cocktail party. She gives Nayte the 1st impression rose after a nice conversation. They kiss.

Rose Ceremony

At the final rose, Michelle debates giving the rose to Joe and even walks out to gather herself for a moment. She comes back in and gives the final rose to Joe.

Going home: JoMarri, Jack, Garrett, Edward, Bryan, and Brandon K. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!!!

Until next week BBs!!! xo🌹

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Bachelor in Paradise Finale

I know I’m a day late and a dollar short but I’m sick so throw me a bone please.

It’s the FINALE BBs!!! I know in real life it’s only like 3 weeks of filming but it feels like this show has been on forever and a day!!! We pick back up at prom where Noah has just broken up with Abigail. They say their goodbyes and Noah leaves Paradise. Abigail goes back inside and tells everyone what happened. She then leaves herself. Everyone is bummed.

The next day is the last cocktail party! Everyone gathers for it then Wells comes out and cancels the party! Whomp whomp. They head straight to the Rose Ceremony where …..
Joe gives his rose to Serena

Riley to Maurissa

Kenny to Mari

Thomas to Becca

James to Anna

Aaron to Tia

Ed to Mykenna

Going home: Natasha and Chelsea

The next day Wells gathers everyone again and introduces Dean and Caylinn (spelling? It’s been a while since they’ve been on the show). They tell the group that tonight is Fantasy Suites night so it’s super important to have those make or break conversations. The guys and girls retire to their respective palapas.

Kenny pulls Mari to talk. They decide to go forward to the Fantasy Suites.

Thomas pulls Becca. Thomas: I want to be with you. Becca: I think we should split up. You’re too good to be true. He starts crying and walks away. Becca chases after him, but sticks to her guns. They say goodbye and they leave, but on the car ride out Becca admits she’s torn.

Ed asks Mykenna to talk. Ed wants to continue their relationship and go to the FS. Mykenna is like, dude we just met YESTERDAY, I’m out. Ed’s like Yeah, true BUT….. that dude is trying SO hard to get her to spend the night with him but she holds fast and they both leave Paradise…separately.

James & Anna talk. Anna wants to continue the relationship, she really likes James. James says he can’t see himself falling in love with her. Anna leaves Paradise. James goes back to the guys and tells Aaron Hey I’m out. Wanna bounce? (they live in the same city). Aaron runs to talk to Tia really quickly. Like REAL QUICK. They BARELY walk away from the other women before Aaron starts his “nice to meet you” speech. He leaves with James! Bros! Poor Tia leaves a bit grumpy!

Riley & Maurissa talk. She wants to continue their relationship and go to FS. He starts hemming and hawing and mucking about and getting her scared before FINALLY admitting he wants the same thing!

Joe pulls Serena to talk. They say I love you to each other.

The last 3 remaining couples gather before Caylinn and Dean again. They are all told to go on to FS and Fake Dinner. At Fake Dinner Kenny and Mari finally say I love you and so do Riley and Maurissa. They all head off to Fantasy Suites.

The next day as Riley is leaving Maurissa he says in her ear that he has thinking to do and isn’t sure if he’s ready. She’s left SOBBING.

Proposal time!!!

Kenny and Mari are up first. He proposes and she says yes!

Next are Maurissa and Riley. It must be HOT HOT HOT out because these poor girls are SWEATING buckets in their makeup and dresses and the poor guys are drenched in their long pants and nice shirts!!! Riley proposes and Maurissa accepts!

Joe and Serena are last. Joe is up on the little area waiting and who walks down the stairs?? KENDALL! Dang ABC, you’re all about creating drama!!! Kendall walks up to Joe and they talk. They get closure and say their goodbyes. Kendall leaves and Serena comes up to the little area. Joe and Serena are the cutest I swear!!! He proposes, she says yes and everyone’s happy!!!

Post Paradise, the 3 engaged couples are still engaged. Abigail and Noah got back together and so did Thomas and Becca! Pieper and Brendan split.

See y’all BBs in 2 weeks for Michelle’s season of Bachelorette!!! xo🌹