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Bachelor in Paradise Week 3 Part 2

Week 3 Part 2 picks up with Thomas and Aaron arguing on the beach over Tammy. Tammy pulls Aaron to talk but doesn’t get a word in edgewise because Aaron is PISSED!!!! Tammy decides to pursue Thomas.

Chasen gives Deandra this HUGE hideous necklace! It’s so big it looks like a bike chain hanging around her neck. They just met yesterday mind you. Deandra gives her bracelet back to Karl. Now Karl and Chasen are arguing on the beach over Deandra! Oy!

Tre decides Tahzjuan isn’t the one for him so he leaves.

Lance Bass says his time in Paradise is over then announces a new comer, Becca the Bachelorette. It’s the first time a Bachelorette has ever been to paradise.

Tahzjuan decides to leave.

All the uncoupled guys SWARM on Becca like bees!

Rose Ceremony

Natasha gives her rose to Brendan

Maurissa to Riley

Serena to Joe

Abigail to Noah

Jessenia to Chris

Tammy to Thomas

Demi to Kenny

Mari to James

Deandra to IVAN!!!! WHAT?!?!? This is out of left field but I am here for it!!!

Becca to Aaron

Going home are Karl, Chasen, and Poor Connor B the Cat Man

The next day Tia arrives with a date card and some major eyelash extensions!!! She chats up the guys and asks Kenny on her date. Much to Demi’s chagrin, Kenny says yes. Mari immediately yells at Demi “That’s payback!!!” Simmer down Mari.

Abigail is worried about her relationship with Noah. They have a chat about it and break up.

Tia and Kenny are out walking on a beach when they are approached by 2 women and a man. The strangers ask if they’d like to play volleyball? Then the strangers STRIP NAKED!!! After much deliberation, Tia takes her top off and Kenny goes naked too. They play volleyball then make out.
Meanwhile, Demi is talking a big game but I think she’s worried about losing Kenny.

Kendall arrives talking about how she misses Joe. Some of the guys stand up to introduce themselves to her but she makes a bee line to Joe.

And that’s it until next week BBs! Things are getting messy in Paradise!!! xo 🌹