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Bachelor in Paradise Week 2 Part 1

Welcome to Week 2 Part 1 BBs!!! First of all, the Almost Paradise theme song is back! Wooo!!!

Demi arrives chock full of confidence and gets a date card from David Spade. She chats up some of the guys and makes a big splash on the beach with her arrival. Demi asks Brendan on her date and he accepts. Natasha is BUMMED!!! Demi and Brendan go ride jet skis and appear to have a bunch of fun! They sit on the beach to talk and make out. Immediately after they kiss, Brendan tells Demi he wants to talk to other girls & “we’ll see if our paths cross again”. Demi is super bummed feeling rejected by Brendan! Her anger is brewing!

Back at the resort, rumors are FLYING that Brendan is actually in a relationship with Pieper!!!

Victoria P is chatting with James but can’t remember his name and keeps referring to him as Jordan. COME ON VP- it’s not a hard name to remember!!!

Karl brings in a date card for Jessenia, who asks Ivan to go. At their Fake Dinner they are getting along so well and bond over talking about race. I love that even on a frivolous show like BiP, ABC doesn’t cut out the deeper conversations. Ivan tells Jessenia his rose is for her. They are too cute!!!

Demi comes back to the resort PISSED & in short order finds out about the Pieper rumor.

Brendan walks in after Demi (which was weird. Plus it’s night now, what have they been doing???) and sits down next to her. Brendan says there’s no relationship with Pieper. Interesting….. the whole beach is buzzing about the triangle.

Natasha pulls Brendan for a chat. Brendan says he has the strongest connection with Natasha. Brendan & Natasha go walking down the beach in front of Demi. Demi is in tears (of frustration more than anything else I bet) because she’s in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Tammy is saying that Victoria P is manipulative AND that she has a boyfriend back home!!!

Next Day-

It’s the first Rose Ceremony tonight and with the addition of Demi, there are 4 women going home.

Serena C (when did she even get here??) goes and kisses Aaron, who’s been canoodling with Tammy. This doesn’t sit well with Tammy so she goes and jumps on top of Aaron and they make out.

Tahzjuan gets all upset when she sees Victoria L (the goddess) talking to Tre so she confronts her about it. This sends Victoria over the edge and now she’s crying.

Tammy tells James that Victoria P has a country singer boyfriend back home. James then asks Kelsey about the boyfriend because Kels lives in Nashville like VP. James confronts VP who is BIG TIME defensive and talking in circles. Then VP goes and confronts Tammy & Kelsey about it but won’t let T or K talk. VP then tells James goodbye and leaves Paradise. She admits in the car that she has love at home. She’s acting like she got one over on everyone. Weird.

Now Demi and Kels are battling for James’ rose.

Rose Ceremony

Since VP left, 3 women are going home. Wells officiates.

Ivan gives his rose to Jessenia

Noah to Abigail

Joe to Serena P

Connor to Maurissa

Tre to Tahzjuan

Karl to Deandra

Brendan (who’s sporting a short sleeve dark mustard colored mock turtleneck in Mexico in the summer heat!!!) to Natasha

Aaron to Tammy

Kenny to Mari

Then, just as James gets called up to hand out his rose, Kelsey is a sweaty mess and she’s fanning herself and saying she may pass out. They get her a cool towel and some water and she feels better in a few. Demi feels like it’s a ploy to get James to notice Kels. Who knows???

James to Demi (sorry Kels! )

Going home- Victoria L the goddess, Serena C, and Kelsey.

See you BBs back here in a mere 24 hours!!!
xo 🌹