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Bachelorette Finale

Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com

It’s the finale BBs!!! I managed to stay away from social media long enough to watch the finale today without spoilers!

We have Kaitlyn and Tayshia in coordinating metallic lamé dresses hosting After the Final Rose. We cut back and forth between AFR and New Mexico. In NM, Katie is devastated over Greg’s departure. Justin and Blake (ew) are the only guys left now. Kaitlyn & Tayshia tell J&B about Greg leaving and that they will be able to go straight to Fantasy Suites.

Blake is up first. The day part of the date is Blake and Katie winging water balloons with food coloring (??) in them at each other. Then they got in a hot tub for a bit.

Fake Dinner

Blake tells the story about when he realized he was in love with Katie. Not a v romantic story. It was when K scored a goal in street hockey. Told ya. Blake is verbally fumbling around then finally says I f’n love you to Katie. She says I f’n love you too. Swoon! So romantic!!! 😂

Now, keep in mind it’s been a mere 24 hours since Katie was DEVASTATED over Greg! But she’s in love with Blake?? Hmmm. I’m no Blake fan but this feels forced.

The next day Katie says goodbye to Justin. Justin takes it really well and is v classy about it. Cut to AFR when Justin is in the hot seat. He’s in tears. Says he feels like he was just still there by default. 😢 But things end well enough because they show a montage of Justin’s facial expressions and it is hilarious! And he leaves on good terms with Katie.

Back in New Mexico Blake gets to meet Katie’s mom and aunt. Mom is supportive enough, but Aunt Lindsey is TOUGH on Blake AND Katie. It’s hilarious how she just skewers Blake. Aunt Lindsey is a treasure!!! Blake is all stressed out because of the aunt.

A couple days later, a V V nervous Blake sits down to look at rings with Tayshia. Blake is stressed and nervous and unsure. Meanwhile Katie is getting dressed & ready for an engagement. If I were a betting woman I’d put my money on there NOT being an engagement.

Katie’s in a low cut green dress with sheer panels and she looks pretty, but like a figure skater. She’s walking to their engagement area getting the dress all dusty.

Tayshia and Kaitlyn show up to greet Blake and Tayshia says “This could be a fantasy ending for Katie or a COMPLETE NIGHTMARE.” Oh the drama!!!

Blake says “This is a scary day”. FOREBODING!!!

Blake arrives and walks up to Katie. Katie gives her speech then Blake gives his. He drops to one knee and, to my astonishment, proposes!!! She says yes and they hop on horses and ride away!

Back to AFR

Greg comes out to the hot seat. Katie comes out to confront Greg and walks right past him and sits down. No hug. She is PISSED. And, should she be? I mean, didn’t she find her person with Blake (ew) and now she’s supposedly all happy and engaged??

Katie says Greg was never ready for an engagement and “You used me for the exposure and the acting practice!” and “When Greg left, so did everything I felt for him”. WOW. I mean!!! Greg looks all blindsided and he apologizes over and over but K is NOT swayed!!! If I were Blake (ew), I’d be feeling pretty weird about the whole thing!!!

And that’s it until next week when we are in Paradise BBs!!! BTW, Thomas is there! UGH!!! xo🌹