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Bachelorette Week 6

Week 6! A v dangerous episode!!! We start with a group date right off the bat. Tay looks so cute! Whoever is styling her is doing a good job so far. I have to admit I’m curious to see each week what the ABC producers can come up with for dates while confined to this resort. This week the producers are all clearly drunk and/or out of ideas because we are presented with The Grown Ass Man Challenge. WHERE IS MY COCKTAIL??? I must start drinking while watching this show!!!

So Bennet is bragging nonstop about how he went to Harvard and how intelligent he is and yet the man can’t spell limousine! Yes, my BBs, we are forced to watch the guys go through some basic spelling and math problems to prove they are Grown Ass Men. Bennet doesn’t get a single question right, much to the delight of the other guys.

Then we move on to feats of strength where the guys have to play a knockoff version of Ellen’s Aw, Snap game (my favorite!). Basically 2 men are leashed to each other with a bungee and have to race to grab a bouquet of flowers at opposite ends of the room. So fun to watch! But Bennet bows out, claiming an old football injury. Yeah, right….

Next up is a Breakfast in Bed challenge where the guys have to make Tay breakfast and serve it to her in bed. Chasen doesn’t even do the bare minimum. He just takes his shirt off and says he’s the entree. GAG. Bennet, however, steps up and makes beignets!!! He is dressed in just a robe and gets in bed with Tay and feeds her. Apparently this is enough for the judges (Ashley I and Jared -who really needs to wash and cut his hair. I mean, I know Covid has been rough on all of us but ABC couldn’t spare a stylist for 5 minutes??). I digress. Bennet wins the challenge and Ed loses. As punishment Ed has to carry a baby doll around for the rest of the night.

After Party-

Bennet arrives still in his robe. Tay comes out and sits down with the group and before she can get a word out, Bennet tries to steal her away for a chat. Tay says can I at least say hi to everyone? The groups toasts then Chasen (with his creepy mouth- there’s just something about it) swoops in and takes Tay away to chat.

While Chasen is gone the other guys talk about how they don’t like him. Mainly Ed & Bennet. They think he’s a fake and a phony. As the night goes on, Tay’s having a great time chatting and making out with the guys. But Ed & Chasen’s beef is heating up. Chasen starts calling himself Wolverine, and eventually gets in Ed’s face. Ivan gets the rose.

OMG Chasen SHUT UP about your inner Wolverine!!! I swear between hearing Grown Ass Man and Wolverine thrown around at the rate of 30 times a minute I’m about to poke out my ear drums!!!

The next night is the pre- rose ceremony Cocktail Party. Chasen begins the night by arguing with Ed some more and telling all the guys that Tay is a SMOKE SHOW. Keeping it Klassy! Ben grabs Tayshia to chat first and things are going well with all the guys until Ed brings up Chasen to Tay. Come on Ed! Don’t you watch the show?? The snitch never stays!!! Tay sits Chasen down for a talk and then Chasen actually goes to apologize (sort of) to Ed but Ed escalates it and then they are shouting and other guys have to break it up.

Rose Ceremony-

Chasen can’t stop won’t stop calling Tay a smoke show and my ears are bleeding. WHO told this guy that women like that term?? Ed & Chasen get the last 2 roses. UGH. Going home- 3 guys I had no idea were even on this show! Montel, Peter, and Jay. Bye guys! We hardly knew ye!

The next day is another group date. It’s a wrestling match in the dank basement of the hotel and OF COURSE Ed and Chasen are on the date. The guys all warm up and loosely learn some wrestling moves then are told they’ll be wrestling in front of a live audience tonight.

Tonight comes and it turns out the live audience is comprised of the other guys in the house who are not on the date and the camera crew. Chris Harrison and Wells Adams (💗💗💗) are calling the match. Tay oils all the guys up and we start out with Joe vs Eazy. OMG! Why are they wanting to kill Joe??? He seems nice enough!!! Eazy is built like a mack truck, or as CH would say “a brick outhouse” and Joe is…not. All the guys wrestling are going HARD. This is supposed to be fun guys! But there are guys being slammed on the ground and knees being skinned and there’s blood! Medic! Next up is Chasen vs Ed and before the match can start Ed goes to CH and cries about his tricky shoulders so he can bow out of the match. Now there’s no one to wrestle Chasen. Chris asks if anyone wants to wrestle Chasen and all of a sudden Porn Stache Noah jumps the fence and volunteers. Noah wasn’t even ON THE DATE!!! They wrestle and Chasen wins and somehow wins the entire event. Tay invites Noah to the after party. The other guys on the date are livid that Noah has crashed their date!

After Party-

Noah grabs Tay first, natch, while the other guys stew. Tay tells Noah she wants to shave that stache! YAY!!!! I’ve never loved Tay more. She chats with the other guys one by one then as she’s with Justin (??? I think, who knows??) Noah comes back and interrupts. Tay shaves his pornstache right off and you know what? The kid is cute!!! Now that that horrid thing is off his face I’m kinda digging him!!! Ok, not really.

Tayshia goes back and sits down with the group and Ben asks to go talk. Tay says the night’s over and you should have come for me earlier. Then she gives Noah the group date rose. The other guys are BUMMED!!!

And that, my BBs, is it for this week! 🌹xo