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The Bachelorette Week 4

Week 4 is finally here. The week the 💩 hits the fan! Let’s go!

This episode starts out with all the guys who aren’t Dale complaining about Dale and Clare. Clare’s busy doodling Dale + Clare 4 ever in her journal when Chris Harrison arrives. CH tells Clare the guys are unhappy. Clare tells Chris she’s head over heels for Dale. When CH asks, Clare swears on her dad’s grave that she and Dale never communicated before the show. She just ogled his IG account on the daily.

Clare cancels the cocktail party AND rose ceremony tonight and this doesn’t sit well with the guys. CH pulls Dale aside and informs him he gets to have a date with Clare while the other guys just stew in their premature emotions.
Clare appears later tonight in the tackiest red dress I’ve ever seen. It was clearly created in the HOUSE OF SIN. Dale arrives in a suit and daggggggummmm he wears it well. He looks so good I totally understand why Clare would break all the rules to hang with this tall drink of water. Whew. Got a lil thirsty there!

At Fake Dinner C&D talk about their parents and how both of their dads were hitch hikers! Now that’s a solid foundation for marriage if I’ve ever seen one! Clare tells Dale she’s falling in love with him and he says the same. They walk over to these musicians and it’s Chris and Bri from Listen to Your Heart. Wow. Their careers are skyrocketing!!! C&D make out for a hot minute in from of Chris and Bri and then high tail it to Clare’s room where you can imagine what happens next. BOOM. 💥

The next morning they wake up in bed with the dress of sin lying crumpled on the floor. They have some pillow talk and then Dale leaves Clare’s room. He thinks there’s still plenty of time left in this process. Poor kid. CH comes over to see Clare and tells her the proposal is TONIGHT. Ummmm, that’s great and all but don’t you think someone should inform Dale???

All the other guys gather in the house and Clare arrives. Without CH in tow. CH is clearly somewhere sipping a martini because he’s worked harder this episode than he has all season! Clare then tells the guys it’s Dale she wants and that’s it. Kenny then tells Clare to apologize to the group. DUDE. You just spent like 3 weeks in a luxury resort, got on tv, and some of you got to make out with Clare. Clare owes you NOTHING Kenny. But, Clare apologizes for wasting their time. The guys all give her hugs and she leaves. Clare goes and cries to a couple producers about how hard that was. Meanwhile, all the guys are v v skeptical about Dale’s emotional involvement.

Back in Dale’s room, where’s he’s been isolated all day, he thinks he still has all the time in the world to just hang with Clare, no labels. Just then, CH appears and tells Dale Clare broke up with all the other guys. CH says Clare’s waiting for a proposal and Dale visibly goes into shock and poops his pants.

CH then goes to check on Clare, who’s crying because she’s worried she’s more into this whole thing than Dale is. Cut to Dale holding a ring box with a look of abject shock and awe on his face.

That night Clare’s dressed in a white dress. Is this woman going to force a wedding tonight too??? Clare takes her place by the final rose. Next thing you know, CH walks up to her. Clare’s face drops when CH says he has something to tell her. My heart skips a beat. CH says “We’re all so proud of you”. DAMMIT CH you just about gave us all heart attacks! You KNOW that was his revenge because he’s had to work so hard this week for that paycheck! CH then goes to get Dale, who clearly has Stockholm Syndrome. Are you ready? Dale- Uhhhh.

But then, here comes Dale through the door and he is WEARING that suit. Hell, I’d say yes!!! Clare gives a little speech about how perfect he is and then it’s Dale’s turn. He says a few really sweet things and then SWEET KELLY CLARKSON he gets down on one knee! He’s doing it!!! And I don’t see a gun to his head! He proposes with a hefty ring and of course Clare says yes! Clare- I felt it. Dale- I accepted it. Me- I really should be drinking wine while watching all this.

Dale picks Clare up after accepting the final rose and the walk off into the night.

Next Day

The leftovers, um, I mean the remaining men, are all packing up and sulking. CH arrives and fills the guys in on the engagement, then tells them they have until tonight to decide if they want to continue their journeys or go home. Can you forget all about a woman you’ve known for 2 weeks in the next 7 hours??

There are 16 guys left and they all decide to stay. Even Jason, who is still in shock over his therapy date with Clare, and Blake, who acts like he and Clare dated for years instead of just 2 hours. The guys all gather and CH tells him their new Bachelorette is on her way now. Tayshia arrives looking beautiful in a questionable dress. Who told her olive green was appropriate for evening wear?? Just as she’s walking through the door, the episode ends!

Until next week my BBs!!! 🌹