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Bachelor in Paradise Week 4 Night 1

Week 4 Night 1. Tahzjuan (who???) arrives. She has a date card and asks JPJ out. He says yes, but only because Tayshia told him to go out on a date if he’s asked out. That night at Fake Dinner JPJ cuts into the food while Tahz is telling him over and over you’re not supposed to eat the food! It’s this congealed chicken looking lump but WHO KNOWS what it really is. He takes a bite! And instantly regrets his decision. After dinner they dance for a bit and I swear I could watch JPJ all day. He is hilarious!!! Then they jump into a river and make out.
Back at the resort Tayshia declares she’s into Derek. And Caelynn is worried about Dean long term.
The next day Caelynn sits Dean down for a talk. He says he figures they’ll just last through Paradise and not beyond and that Cae would be miserable as his girlfriend. That is SO not what Cae wants to hear.
Haley arrives and asks JPJ out on her date. He agrees to go and they leave. Tahz starts FREAKING out. Like the medics come she’s freaking out so much!!! One of the medics asks for Gatorade for Tahz and she asks for GUACAMOLE!!! Then she gets in the pool and eats a bowl of spaghetti. BIZARRE.
Meanwhile JPJ and Haley go horseback riding then hang on the beach and make out. They come back from their date and Tahz is STILL freaking out. Tahz tells Haley she wants to spit in Haley’s wine! And calls Haley a pigeon!!!
The next night is the pre-Rose Ceremony Cocktail Party. This week the guys have the roses. Blake and Caitlin are talking and kissing when Kristina walks up and asks to talk to Blake. Caitlin walks away and Kristina puts doubt in Blake’s head about his connection with Caitlin. Kristina is a master manipulator!!!
Derek and Tayshia are talking and they kiss. Yay! I want Derek to be happy. He’s such a good guy!!!
Dean gathers everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Caelynn who turns 24. SO young to want to settle down and get married! Dean gives her a cake and everything seems fine with them.
Chris and Jen are talking when Katie interrupts. Katie pours her heart out to Chris telling him she really likes him and made a mistake when she said he should go out on dates. It may be too little too late though because he may be over her.
The Rose Ceremony- Chris Harrison has Demi hand out the first rose. It goes to Kristian. Dylan- Hannah G, Clay- Nicole, Mike- Sydney, Dean- Caelynn, Blake- Kristina (UGH), Derek- Tayshia (yay!), JPJ- Haley, and Chris to Katie (YAY!!!). Tahzjuan, Caitlin, and Jen go home. Everyone’s standing around just after the ceremony having champagne when Dean tells Caelynn he wants to go somewhere and talk. He’s pulling her away from the group and she’s protesting. They sit down and he’s just about to talk when BOOM- it’s the end of the episode! ABC you jerks!!!
Until tomorrow my BBs! xo🌹