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Bachelor in Paradise- Week 2 Night 2

Week 2 Night 2- Demi kicks off this episode by telling Katie that she’s been casually dating a woman back at home. Poor Demi is so conflicted! Dylan confronts Hannah G about her and Blake. HG just sits there all wide eyed and quiet like a creepy doll. Then she finally fesses up that a week prior to Paradise Blake flew to Alabama to visit her and they kissed! WHAT?? Blake was SUPER busy pre-Paradise. Gross. Tayshia then confronts HG who totally plays the innocent card. I’m not buying it HG!
Dean arrives sporting a 70s porn stache that even makes Chris Harrison crack up! Dean looks ridiculous! AND he lives in a van! A van, people!!!
Kristina is still telling everyone about the Kristina/Blake/Caelynn mess of a love triangle and Caelynn is NOT happy about that. But then Dean swoops in and asks Cae out on his date and she says yes. They go to Fake Dinner and then swim in a pool and make out. Boy, ABC is really going all out for these dates!
Back at the resort Demi is telling Tayshia about how she’s fluid and likes girls and guys. Demi is worried that if she tells Derek that he’ll give up on her.
The next day Demi and Jordan are giving a running commentary of everyone they see on the beach and it’s the funniest thing ABC has aired in quite a while! Who’s getting a rose? ABC- Anyone But Cam! Hilarious! 2 girls skipping toward the ocean- Oh look! A Forever 21 commercial! Ha!!!
Christian (WHO???) arrives. Apparently he left night one of Becca’s season. He asks Nicole on his date and she says yes which totally bums Clay out. Christian looks like a cop from an 80s telenovela! Creepy stache and all! Nicole and Christian go jet skiing then make out on the beach. Poor Clay!!! They get back to the resort and Nicole and Clay are talking. Christian walks up and says “Let me finish my date”. Nicole shuts it down saying she wants to catch up with Clay, but it gets tense for a couple minutes there!
The next night is the Rose Ceremony Cocktail Party. 4 guys are going home. Demi tells Derek about the woman back home. He takes in all the information like a champ and is v v understanding.
Mike is hanging out with Sydney since Caelynn is all about Dean now. JPJ recites a Shakespearean love poem to Tayshia and they make out! Such odd pairings this show brings!
Christian sets up a little thing for Nicole with a pinata, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries. The two of them are talking and Clay’s watching the whole time. Clay walks over to ask to speak with Nicole. Christian says no(!!!). Clay walks away. Then Jordan runs over and pulls down the pinata! Christian jumps on Jordan and all the sudden we have a fight, ladies and gentlemen!!! And just as they start rolling around in the sand, the episode ends.
Until next week my BBs!!! xo 🌹