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Bachelorette Finale Part 2

Finale Part 2. This “journey” has exhausted me! I’m so excited for the end of this! But Chris Harrison is saying there’s betrayal. MEN ARE TRASH. Let’s get started, shall we?We’re back in Greece and it’s proposal day. Alabama Hannah looks beautiful and I actually like her dress. She’s in the car on the way to get engaged and says “I can’t do this” over and over. They stop the car and it appears that she’s trying to pull a Colton and run from production. But in a gown and heels and down a hilly street on an island in Greece. She takes a tumble and scrapes up her elbows and just sits in the road. I feel badly for her as she tells a producer “I really can’t do this”. AH rallies and gets back in the car and goes to the gorgeous proposal spot. The first car arrives and it’s…..Tyler. SOB!!!!! Noooooo!!!! WHY are you so stupid AH??? Ok, so Tyler is finally wearing pants loose enough to let his junk breathe a bit and he looks so handsome. This show is so cruel! Why let him launch into his proposal speech?? Mercifully, AH stops him, but can’t seem to utter a word. Poor Tyler. “So it’s a no?” You deserve better Ty!!! AH finally croaks out that she loves someone else. Tyler is such a gentleman about the whole thing. My heart breaks for him, especially in the car as he leaves.
Jed shows up with his ding dang guitar and I’ve never wanted to beat someone about the neck and head so much!!! I hate him. Ugh. He starts his proposal speech then starts singing. ABC why do you torture me so??? They get engaged and it’s really pretty lackluster. Where are the big declarations of love Jed? Oh yeah, back with your girlfriend. Bleh.
Back in LA we have to suffer through a few minutes of a montage of the “happy couple” then we find out that THE DAY AFTER THEY GET ENGAGED Jed fessed up (partly) and tells AH he had been “hanging out” with a girl before the show. Then someone sends AH a People magazine article detailing Jed’s relationship with this girl. And it’s WAY more than just hanging out!!! Jed arrives to talk to AH and does the shave and a haircut door knock like he’s arriving to a barbecue not to crush his fiancee’s heart!!! No jaunty knocks Jed! Not the time!!!
AH sits J down and his story about his GF is SO full of balogna I can’t stand it!!! Basically he’s saying he was super casual with the GF but he also admits that they went on trips! And they had sex! They even had sex the night before he left for the show! And he told her he loved her multiple times! But she wasn’t my girlfriend, alright?!? Again, men are trash!!! Well, not all of them, but the ones on this show major in trash in college apparently!!! J keeps even today, sitting in front of AH, saying “I didn’t have a girlfriend”. UGH!!! Oh, and he also told people he “WON” the show. Classy. He is all about Jed. I, I, I. He’s only concerned about his singing career and his exposure. He has no concept that his actions affect AH in any way. TRASH!!!
Back to the LA studio and AH comes out to resounding applause looking fierce!!! She announces she is not with Jed anymore and I can finally breathe again. Thank the good Lord in Heaven that she didn’t give him a second chance! Jed walks out to ONE person clapping and I guarantee that’s his mom. He apologizes and squeaks out “I still love you” but AH is not having it. She is still visibly upset but handles it all with such grace. And at only 24 years of age!
Jed slinks away to backstage and Tyler comes out to a standing ovation. He looks good! Still not wearing socks though. AH admits she still has feelings for him and asks Ty out for a drink. He says yes but I don’t see them getting serious again. She broke his heart for a piece of trash punk. Ah well!
The good news is Bachelor in Paradise starts soon!!!! See you then BBs!!! xo 🌹