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Reversing My Routine

More fun mail! I received TRESemme' shampoo & conditioner for testing purposes. Here's the kicker though- you condition first then shampoo! I'm trying it for the first time tomorrow! #ReverseYourRoutineI have fine, thin, highlighted hair and because of this have had a love/hate relationship with conditioner. I feel like I need conditioner to help repair the damage highlighting causes, but conditioner weighs my hair down. And I’ve always been taught to shampoo first then condition. So I was skeptical about reversing my routine. It just seemed like wouldn’t the shampoo wash away all the conditioner and leave me with dry, brittle hair? As soon as I got out of the shower and started going about my usual routine I noticed a difference. My hair wasn’t plastered to my head feeling all heavy. I used my thermal spray and mousse like normal. I blew it dry and it even dried faster. It’s so soft and silky feeling! And there’s a ton more volume and bounce- even on this high humidity day! The volume lasted all day and that is just awesome! I’m convinced and I’m switching it up- reversing my routine!
I received these products for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own.