Disney Magic Western Caribbean- Day 1

We woke up at the Art of Animation resort in Walt Disney World.  We showered and dressed and packed up.  We had chosen express checkout so we were able to just get in the car and leave.  Hopped on the highway bound for Port Canaveral.  We parked and went through security then on to check in.  We had the Port Arrival time of 12:30-1:00 PM.  We arrived closer to 1pm but were able to walk right on up to an attendant.  No waiting!  We were on the ship within 15 minutes of parking!  Love that Disney efficiency!   When you check in you’re issued a Key to the World card.  You use this card to get into your stateroom, get on and off the ship at ports of call, pay for adult drinks and souvenirs.  It also has your muster station location on it as well as your dining rotation, table number and dinner time, sail dates and ship name.IMG_6446

We went to Carioca’s for their buffet lunch. DSC_0023 Less people go to the sit down restaurant vs. the buffet up on deck.  We enjoyed a nice lunch then went to Guest Services to borrow an extension cord for my CPAP machine.  Turns out though we didn’t need it.  There was a 2 port outlet right next to the bed.  Of course we didn’t know that at the time so we borrowed the cord.  Then it was time for our meet up!  Our cruise group from Facebook met up at O’Gill’s Pub.  It was great to finally put real faces to names that we’ve been chatting with for a year!  One of our members ordered bracelets for us. IMG_6374 After the meet up it was time for the dreaded Muster Drill.  It IS mandatory though, so don’t try to skip it or they can throw you off the ship! At the muster drill I noticed CSP was still wearing his MagicBand (which are not used on the ships).  I asked why and he said it “Made him look important.”

When the muster drill was finished we went to O’Gill’s so CSP could get his refillable beer mug.  I got a coconut mojito on the recommendation of my friend Christina.  OMG! SOOO good.  My new favorite!!!  IMG_6373

We were heading back to our room when we saw a bunch of characters – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Chip and Dale all squished into an elevator to take them up to the sail away party.  So funny seeing them all squished in there like that.  Unfortunately all I had on my camera wise was my phone and I couldn’t get a clear shot.

We went back to our room to watch us set sail.  There were 4 other ships sailing away at the same time!  Click on all pics to enlarge by the way.DSC_0011



I grabbed my big camera and my refillable cup and we went up on deck to get a good seat for the Super Bowl. They had just lined up the lounge chairs by the pool so I was able to snag us fantastic seats while CSP went to get me a drink from the drink station.  Hence the refillable cup.  The cups they provide at the drink station are basically large shot glasses so I brought my big refillable Starbucks cold cup with lid.


The sun went down and the wind really picked up.  Like hair whipping all around windy.  Luckily the pool crew came around with soft, fleece blankets for us!  How nice!  I wrapped up in one and was all set to watch the game!


I’m not the biggest sports fan but I do enjoy watching the Super Bowl and there’s something to be said about watching the game on a GIANT screen like this!  We always root for the underdogs so we were rooting for Seattle. Well come close to halftime CSP was convinced that New England was going to win so he decided he wanted to go to dinner in the dining room instead of stay and watch the 2nd half.  I was really ok with that as I was wind whipped and frozen!  We popped by the room really quickly so I could run a brush through my hair and our room steward Edwin was in the hall.  He introduced himself.  He’s from Honduras.  Super nice man.

Down to Carioca’s for dinner.  IMG_6370

On Disney ships you eat in a different restaurant each night with a different menu.  But your service team travels with you from restaurant to restaurant.  Speaking of service teams…our server was Bianca from South America!  She was our assistant server on the Magic in 2012!  Our assistant server was Widi from Indonesia.   He was fantastic!  LOVE Widi!

DSC_0017Don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian or Gluten Free.  There are tons of options for you!

For my appetizer I got the empeñada (which was awesome!).  DSC_0019

CSP ordered the tuna and avocado towerDSC_0018 and the shrimp ceviche.DSC_0020For my entree I chose the Lobster, Salmon, & Shrimp skewer. DSC_0022

It was on a bed of quinoa.  Very yummy.  CSP got the swordfish for his entree. DSC_0021 Dessert was Coconut Tres Leches cake for me: DSC_0025While CSP chose the ice cream sundae: DSC_0024

After dinner we went back to our room and got me all unpacked.  CSP didn’t want to unpack yet which drove me insane.  I say unpack right away and get those suitcases under the bed so you’ll have more room!  We came back to a fun towel animal each night.  Here’s our first! DSC_0027