Current Obsessions

  • Candy Crush Saga. IMG_3691  If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a game on Facebook that you can also play on your tablet or smartphone.  I’m completely addicted.  Right now I’m on level 123 and have been stuck there for a good 3 days.  It’s infuriating, but I’m determined to beat that level. I love/hate how it tells you “You Failed” when you don’t clear the board.IMG_3688  The little girl cries.  Laying it on a little think aren’t we, Candy Crush? When I’m not angry with Candy Crush Saga I love it.  I love how the creepy announcer guy says “Sweet” and “Delicious” when I do well.  I love getting the little sprinkle chocolate and match it with a striped candy so the board goes bananas.  I will defeat you Candy Crush.  You just wait.
  • My nails.  They are in no way long and glamorous or anything but I am obsessed with painting them.  I love the actual act of painting my nails.  I love all the pretty colors.  I even post pictures similar to this one on Instagram. IMG_3696 Because everyone needs to know what color my nails are this week.  Frankly, it should be national news.
  • Mindy Kaling.  I haven’t missed an episode of The Mindy Project this year.  LOVE that show.  Love her!  She’s hilarious!  I love a funny, intelligent woman that’s successful on tv or in the movies.  I just finished reading Mindy’s book “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns)”. Unknown I read most of it in bed while CSP was sleeping and I had to stifle BIG laughs at the diving board scene.  If you haven’t read this book you really should.  And DVR her show, you won’t regret it!
  • People with good teeth who don’t show them when they smile for pictures.  I’m not sure why this bothers me but it drives me nuts. If you have good teeth, why not show them when you smile in a picture?  Don’t you want to look happy?  Show off those choppers!  You didn’t spend that money on your toothpaste in vain!
  • Downloading books to my Kindle via the library.  I just recently found out this was possible.  It’s awesome!  I’ve been reading like a fiend the last couple weeks because of it.  I just showed CSP how to download a book from the library to my Kindle and he looked at me with wonder sighing “Amazing”, like I just explained the internet or how faxes worked.  It doesn’t take much to excite us.
  • Harry Styles. Harry+Styles+at+BBC+Radio+1's+Teen+Awards+2012 Speaking of excitement.  Oh my gosh that makes me sound like such a pervy cougar.  But I love him.  I love his voice and I even love his ridiculous mop of hair.  I have NO idea why Taylor broke up with him but she’s a fool to lose him.  He seems like so much fun!  Ok, I have a confession.  I’ve watched a bunch of One Direction videos just to see which parts Harry sings then when I’m singing along with the songs I go quiet when he sings his part.  Sigh.  I’d have posters in my bedroom if I were under the age of 17.  Or 39.  Whatever.

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