533730_10151205665531286_1226921994_nMy Grandmommy died at 1:01 this morning.  She had been battling Alzheimer’s for a very long time.  Then in November she broke her hip and her health declined from there.

We lived with Gmommy and Granddaddy for a while after my parents divorced.  Gmommy was always there for us.  She came to my wedding and showers and had a great time.  She sewed my cheerleader uniform.  She cooked for us at every holiday.  I always felt at home at her house.  She recorded our height on the edge of a door in her house.  She had a display for her necklaces in her bathroom that I thought was so glamorous as a child.  She and Granddaddy would take us to the local Kmart.  There was a little counter service restaurant in the back of the Kmart where they would take us to eat.  My sister and I thought that was really cool.  Grandmommy would sit in her recliner and let my sister and I play beauty shop with her hair for hours.  We loved doing that.  She saved every card and post card I sent her. Gmommy was a hard worker.  She worked a full career then after she retired she opened up and ran a successful video/ tanning store.  I worked there with her sometimes and she’d let me pick out the movies we’d watch when it was slow.  When she developed Alzheimer’s my mom moved her into an assisted living facility much closer to us than her original home.  I went to visit her as much as I could.  When she forgot our names she’d call out “Family!” when we’d walk in.  She danced all around the facility and made everyone fall in love with her.

I miss her already.

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