Adoption Update

As you know we submitted our home study  for 3 little girls at the end of December.  At this time we have not heard back about any of them.  A dear friend of ours who’s been through this process said that this could happen.  I just did an online search and one of them (the one with THAT name), is now on hold.  Since no one has contacted us, I’m most likely correct in assuming she’s not on hold for us. So it’s back to the search I go.  I just sent our social worker profiles on 4 little girls.  She will submit our home study for them next week and we’ll start the waiting game again!

2 thoughts on “Adoption Update”

  1. It is such a long drawn out process but I know it will be worth it in the end. Best of luck to you … and the little one who finds her way into your happy home.


  2. Keeping everything crossed over here that you hear about your little one soon. Get ready mama-to-be!


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