Disney Fantasy Western Caribbean Day 2- Dinner & Match Your Mate!

I forgot to mention something in the last post.  When you go to board the ship they ask for your family name.  Then you hear over the PA “The Disney Fantasy would like to welcome the Smith family!!!”  And everyone cheers.  I NEVER get tired of that.  Makes you feel like a supa star!

Tonight’s dinner was at the Royal Court.  We met our waitstaff.  Our head server was Witt from Thailand.  Our server was Tumelo from South Africa and our assistant server was Bien from the Philippines.  They were all fantastic.  Tumelo remembered our names throughout the entire cruise.  We’d always hear “Shannon!  Mr. CSP!” and there would be Tumelo.

CSPDSC_5610 was so excited when he looked at the menuDSC_5611 because he saw his favorite cruise appetizer on it- escargots!  DSC_5620  He also got the lobster and shrimp appetizer.  DSC_5618  Keep in mind with these pictures- I’m using the macro mode on my camera to get good close up shots.  These are NOT huge plates of food.  But you have a soup/salad course, appetizer, entree, and dessert.  And you can order as much as you’d like.  So sometimes CSP would have 2 soups or 2 apps.  It’s a great time to try something new!

My appetizer was a sweet wee spinach and cheese soufflé. DSC_5617  It was so rich and creamy!  For my soup I had the French Onion DSC_5621.  I also had a small salad with peppered goat cheese but I forgot to take a pic of that.  Imagine if you will….a small salad with goat cheese squares with pepper all around the outside.  It was yummy.

DSC_5612I love the Royal Court restaurant. DSC_5616  Isn’t it pretty? I think it’s my favorite of the main dining rooms DSC_5615on the Fantasy.  I love how the bread baskets are little Cinderella carriages.DSC_5614  I would have totally stolen one of those if it wasn’t a crime, a sin, and allthat.

Entrees!  CSP got the salmon with swiss chard,leek puree, and truffles. DSC_5623  I chose the beef tenderloin with shrimp, snow peas and potato cake. DSC_5622  This was the only entree I was disappointed in.  The beef was dry.  CSP says it is because I asked them to cook it well done.  I don’t like bloody meat!

For dessert CSP chose the peanut butter mousse.  DSC_5625  He loved it.  The dessert menu is so cute! IMG_3271 Like a fancy envelope!  I chose the vanilla creme brulee and a cup of hot jasmine tea.  DSC_5624  So yummy!

After dinner we went to the nightclub IMG_3278called The Tube. IMG_3274  It’s themed after London’s subway. IMG_3277  It’s very funky and mod.  IMG_3279We were there for the game show called Match Your Mate.  CSP was NOT thrilled with having to go to this.  I promised him he’d love it and sure enough he laughed through the whole thing!   Match Your Mate is sort of like the newlywed game but with 3 couples who have varying lengths of marriages.  There’s the newlywed couple, the couple who’s been married like 50 years, and then in this case the couple chosen by the audience as the hottest couple-  Sheila and Lamont from Alabama.  They’ve been married 45+ years and were a riot!  We saw them all around the ship the rest of the week.   First they take the husbands off stage and ask the wives questions.  Then they bring the husbands back and see if the answers match.  Then they swap and take the wives off stage.  I’ve seen this show on many cruise ships and even though some of the questions are the same it is always hilarious!   While there we ran into Brad from Texas.  He’s part of the cruise fun staff (the people who run bingo and stuff like that).  He was on our cruise last year on the Magic!  We had a great time then headed back to our cabin.

On the long walk back (the Fantasy is huge!) we came across cabin 5148 1/2, DSC_5626 the home of Pepe the King Prawn!  SO cute!  Look how tiny!! DSC_5627

We arrived back in our stateroom to our first towel animal and the Navigator newsletter for the next day. DSC_5628  By this time it was well past midnight and we were exhausted!

Next up…Super Bowl Sunday at Sea!

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