Ahoy, indeed!

I was checking my Facebook messages when I noticed something in my inbox.  Up in the left hand corner it said Inbox 82  then next to it Other 99+.  I had never paid attention to the Other so I clicked on it.  Mainly it was filled with messages from people who I wasn’t Facebook friends with when they wrote me.  I felt badly because there were notes there from some people I should have replied to ages ago, but I never knew the note was there.

Then there were the come ons.  I have uncovered 3 come on messages so far.  Who knew my profile pic was so appealing to middle aged men??  One guy from Miami, one from the UK.  But  my favorite message is from an Army Captain:

Hi you are looking sweet and love the way you smile baby, i will like to know you more and better… sorry are you single?.. Am a single dad of two kids need s good woman to spend the rest of my life with… hope to read from you soon…
Thanks Captain Scott….

I told CSP about the messages and especially Captain Scott’s.  (I wonder if he’d make me call him Cap’n all the time??  Dinner’s ready Cap’n!)  Anyway, CSP said “See, if I kick off early you’ll be just fine.  Just go hook up with Captain Scott!”   I gotta keep my CSP healthy so I don’t end up some Facebook mail order bride!