I hadn’t updated my 100+ Things page in a while so I sat down to do that and realized that a few things have changed over the past 3 or so years since I’d updated.

#26- I used to only have 2 tattoos.  Now I have 5:  a sun/moon on my lower back, 3 ladybugs & a dragonfly on my right foot, the Hebrew word for three on my right foot, the initials of my sisters, my mom, and my initial on the inside of my left wrist, and 3 stars behind my left ear.

#29- I’d always wanted a nose ring.  Now I have one.

#43- I’m up to 10 cruises now.  11 come February.

#50- I’d wanted to go back to Las Vegas where we honeymooned.  We took a trip back there for my birthday in 2009.

Also we’ve moved to be closer to CSP’s work, we finished our adoption work, and I’m less than 8 months away from turning 40!