Double digits baby!

We’re in the double digits now!  Less that 100 days til we cruise the new Disney ship the Fantasy!  We are SO excited!  I’ve actually talked CSP into doing an excursion on Grand Cayman.  This is a huge deal.  Instead of saying “Where are we visiting?” he says “How many times do I have to get off the ship”!!  So getting him to sign up for an organized excursion almost took an act of Congress!  We’re going to go see the Stingrays!   Maybe I shouldn’t have shown him this photo!   The only other place I can talk CSP into getting off the ship is Castaway Cay.  We’re also stopping in Cozumel and Costa Maya, Mexico but he’s convinced we’ll get kidnapped by a drug cartel if we step foot anywhere in Mexico.   He comes by the name Cap’n Safety Pants honestly!



Adoption Update- Halloween 2012

  • Final Adoption Class- Scheduled for November 5.  It’s Med Admin.  Because we will technically be fostering our kids for the 6 months or so that they live with us prior to their adoptions being final we are required to take this class.  It’s the most tedious thing but I understand why they teach it.  Basically if you have to give a Tylenol to a foster kid you need to put on some gloves and follow protocol including documenting the pill in a binder.  Every. Time.
  • Final batch of paperwork- signed, dated, and in an envelope addressed to our social worker, ready to be mailed tomorrow.
  • What’s next??  Once our SW gets our paperwork and we’ve attended the last class then she will give us the go ahead to start picking out some kidlets!   I don’t expect to be matched right away, I’m being realistic.  But I see a really fun Summer 2013 in our future!!!  I’m hoping by then we’ll have been matched, approved, and have completed our pre-placement visits…that means we’ll need to hit up IKEA for some kid beds!
beauty ho, fun

Birchbox #1

My friend Christina talked me into signing up for Birchbox.  I had never heard of Birchbox before she told me, but it’s great for a beauty product junkie like me!  I went to the website and signed up on the waiting list.  A couple weeks later I received an email saying I could sign up for my first Birchbox!  Birchbox is a service that sends you hand-picked beauty and lifestyle samples, delivered to your door for $10/month.  You can get things like lip balm, hair ties, nail polish, eye shadow, etc!  My first Birchbox has arrived!  Love the packaging.   That black mark is from me opening the package with an ink pen.  Whoopsie!

Here’s what I received!   Viva La Juicy perfume sample,  Kerastase Chroma Sensitive cleansing balm,  Mox Botanicals Pomegranate and Fig Lip Butter, theBalm cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer (highlighter, shadow & all over shimmer), twistband hair tie, and a tili plastic zip loc bag.  Not bad considering the eye shadow alone would cost $24 on its own!  I have tried the lip balm and love it.  Love the shadow too.  I have too short hair to use the hair tie, but I have a sister who would love it.  Overall I’m very pleased with my first Birchbox and can’t wait for box #2 next month!  I already love getting pretty mail so to get fun mail like this is very exciting!


Positively Positive

Lately a couple people have said to me that they are amazed I’m able to stay so positive with all the ups and downs and hoops this adoption journey has brought me through.  It isn’t every day that I’m super bubbles and butterflies positive.  There have even been times when I’ve questioned whether we should go forward.  (we’re not getting younger, maybe this just isn’t meant to be, etc).  But overall I try my hardest to stay positive because I really, truly, believe that this is meant to be.  I’ve always thought that my children were going to be special.  It’s just taking an awfully long time for them to get home.  Also, a negative attitude won’t change the outcome or the process, so why be all grumpy, ho hum about it?   I stay positive because I choose to.  I choose it every day.  Even on the days that aren’t looking too sunny.  I believe your attitude is hugely important and I choose to keep mine positive.  I’d rather tell my kids that I waited for them with a smile on my face.


Adoption Update- Fall 2012

Yes, we’re still adopting.  Yes, it’s been a looooong time.  10 years actually since we started trying to have a baby.  BUT we’re closer than ever!  Our agency has come up with some more classes we have to take (9 this month), but then after that we can be matched.  Once the classes are completed we will be able to send our home study to social workers in charge of the kids we pick.  We are earmarked for a sibling set of 2 ages 0-8.  Once the kids’  social worker receives our home study then they have to approve it.  Once approved then we can begin visiting the child(ren).  If all parties involved feel like it is a good match then we’ll be able to bring the kidlets home!   In the mean time the holiday season is upon us so that will make time go by a little faster and make the wait not so hard.

This set of classes is very interesting.  What’s also interesting is the people watching in class.  We’ve already taken a similar set of classes so nothing surprises us, but you should see the widening of the eyes of the other people in there when our moderators talk about certain behaviors we may encounter since we’re adopting foster kids.  3 year old kids that will curse you out.  Kids that smear feces.  Sexually active children.  It’s all very eye opening to say the least.

We are so excited that we are finally this close.  We can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We can’t wait to start celebrating family day!