Positively Positive

Lately a couple people have said to me that they are amazed I’m able to stay so positive with all the ups and downs and hoops this adoption journey has brought me through.  It isn’t every day that I’m super bubbles and butterflies positive.  There have even been times when I’ve questioned whether we should go forward.  (we’re not getting younger, maybe this just isn’t meant to be, etc).  But overall I try my hardest to stay positive because I really, truly, believe that this is meant to be.  I’ve always thought that my children were going to be special.  It’s just taking an awfully long time for them to get home.  Also, a negative attitude won’t change the outcome or the process, so why be all grumpy, ho hum about it?   I stay positive because I choose to.  I choose it every day.  Even on the days that aren’t looking too sunny.  I believe your attitude is hugely important and I choose to keep mine positive.  I’d rather tell my kids that I waited for them with a smile on my face.