Adoption Update- Halloween 2012

  • Final Adoption Class- Scheduled for November 5.  It’s Med Admin.  Because we will technically be fostering our kids for the 6 months or so that they live with us prior to their adoptions being final we are required to take this class.  It’s the most tedious thing but I understand why they teach it.  Basically if you have to give a Tylenol to a foster kid you need to put on some gloves and follow protocol including documenting the pill in a binder.  Every. Time.
  • Final batch of paperwork- signed, dated, and in an envelope addressed to our social worker, ready to be mailed tomorrow.
  • What’s next??  Once our SW gets our paperwork and we’ve attended the last class then she will give us the go ahead to start picking out some kidlets!   I don’t expect to be matched right away, I’m being realistic.  But I see a really fun Summer 2013 in our future!!!  I’m hoping by then we’ll have been matched, approved, and have completed our pre-placement visits…that means we’ll need to hit up IKEA for some kid beds!

5 thoughts on “Adoption Update- Halloween 2012”

  1. Oooohhh! Sounds so simple! I know it isn’t but the process for you Northerners seems so much more… ‘normal’ and ‘real’. Good luck with the last class – you’ll ACE it! 🙂


  2. Wow, sounds like it’s getting close. I didn’t know there was so much red tape with foster children as far as giving them medication.


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