Double digits baby!

We’re in the double digits now!  Less that 100 days til we cruise the new Disney ship the Fantasy!  We are SO excited!  I’ve actually talked CSP into doing an excursion on Grand Cayman.  This is a huge deal.  Instead of saying “Where are we visiting?” he says “How many times do I have to get off the ship”!!  So getting him to sign up for an organized excursion almost took an act of Congress!  We’re going to go see the Stingrays!   Maybe I shouldn’t have shown him this photo!   The only other place I can talk CSP into getting off the ship is Castaway Cay.  We’re also stopping in Cozumel and Costa Maya, Mexico but he’s convinced we’ll get kidnapped by a drug cartel if we step foot anywhere in Mexico.   He comes by the name Cap’n Safety Pants honestly!


3 thoughts on “Double digits baby!”

  1. Our first cruise had very similar stops. We did excursions at every stop and I enjoyed all of them. I think our Cayman excursion was my favorite. We went in a submarine and then went to a Rum Cake shop and a turtle sanctuary. Cozumel was fun, too. We took a tour with a dune buggy. The only this I didn’t like about Cozumel was that it… um… stunk. The beach that we drove next to wasn’t good for swimming and the water smelled gross (which is kind of weird since Cozumel is known for its scuba diving). I never felt like I was in danger, though, and I’m pretty paranoid. Of course, I didn’t drink the water or even anything with ice in it and I didn’t stray from our tour group. The food wasn’t great during the excursion, either. And I think they thought we were pansy Americans because they warned us about using too much hot sauce, which wasn’t hot at all.

    What cruise lines do you typically use and which do you recommend? We’re going on our second cruise next year and it’s with Holland America, which is the same cruise line we used for our first cruise. The level of service is outstanding, but the boats are smaller and there’s not as much to do. My husband and I are both 30ish and don’t gamble and don’t like the shows. That pretty much leaves us with lots and lots of drinking. I like all of the activities that some of the other cruise lines offer, but I don’t know if I could stand the huge crowds.


    1. This is my 11th cruise coming up and I’m SO excited! I recommend Disney Cruise Lines. Even if you don’t have kids. We don’t have kids. I know it sounds counter intuitive but on Disney if you don’t want to see kids you don’t! And they go above and beyond to entertain adults. Plus there’s no smokey casino. There is SO much to do! We love it!


      1. Thanks for the suggestion. We’re HUGE Disney fans- so much so we bought a Disney time share- so I agree that you don’t have to have kids for Disney to be awesome. Do you think that Disney is a little more “upscale” than Carnival?


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