Big D’oh! Moment

For the last few weeks I’ve been wearing clear teeth aligners.  Like Invisalign but a different brand.  I’ve gotten pretty used to wearing them.  In fact, I’ve forgotten they were in on a few occasions.  I have to take them out when I eat, but other than that I wear them all the time.  I was in line for a movie last night and popped some gum in my mouth.  I very rarely chew gum.  It causes nothing but problems!   Sure enough I’d forgotten my aligner was in my mouth and next thing you know the STICKIEST FREAKING GUM in the world had made a HUGE mess of my aligner!  I could not get that stuff off!  By the time the previews were over I had gum all over me.  It just kept multiplying!   I got home and tried brushing my aligner with my toothbrush and toothpaste but that didn’t help.  Ugh.  I feel like a dorky 8th grader all over again!