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November Wrap Up

Well, my nails have almost all broken since the Shellac came off.  That stuff is amazing but unfortunately we aren’t rich so I can’t afford to be Shellac’ed all the time.

In other news, meet Hank.  My friend Christina has a daughter Ella.  Ella always wants to go out with us so I promised her one day we’d have Ella day.  We went to a paint your own pottery place.  That’s where I painted Hank.  I love him.  He’s going to guard our house.

In adoption news we received some bad news recently.  Some of our paperwork was misfiled by someone working on our case and it has cost us about 3 months.  Now we’re playing catch up.  We have 1 more set of fingerprints to get then we’re finally done!!!  And the matching can begin.  I’ve been checking out the websites looking for suitable nuggets but no one is jumping out at me.  I’m still convinced that our perfect kidlet is out there somewhere!

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My blog is 10 years old!!!

I’m such a bad blog owner!  My blog turned 10 years old on August 20th!  And I totally spaced.  I feel bad.  Now my blog’s gonna want a diamond or something just cause it turned 10 and I neglected to celebrate.   Hard to believe that 10 years ago I wrote my first post.   Back in the day I thought no one would ever read my blog.  At first I’d post every little detail of my life.  What I ate for lunch.  A list of errands I ran. And now here we are, almost 3000 posts later!   Through my blog I’ve met some incredible people, not to mention the free therapy writing blog posts provides!

To celebrate I am offering readers of my blog a 10% discount on your total Thirty-One order! Go here to shop and get your 10% discount!   (you’ll put in your order and I’ll go in and adjust it down 10% before I submit the order).  Here’s to 10 more bloggy years!!!

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Shellac…the end

Well, it’s been 18 days and my Shellac manicure (a UV light cured gel manicure that I got for free but goes for $25 in my salon) still looks great!    Click to enlarge.  My nails are still shiny, hard, and shimmery.  There is the slightest bit of wear noticeable on the white tips (really more on the corners).  Mind you, I haven’t worn gloves and I’ve been doing all the regular life things like washing dishes, typing, etc.  The only real problem is that my nails are growing and the growth has become obvious in the nail bed.   From arm’s length my nails don’t look too bad but I’m ready for a change.  So tomorrow I’ll soak them for 10 minutes in acetone, wipe off the gel polish then paint them with a regular nail polish.  I am thoroughly impressed with the Shellac manicure and I will definitely get it again.  Especially for  special occasions like our upcoming Disney cruise!

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CSP vs. Social Media

When someone CSP is a little wary of friended me on Facebook this week we had the following conversation (you may remember CSP is not a fan of the WORLD WIDE WEB):

CSP:  I’m so glad I’m not on Facebook.  I’m UNPLUGGED!!!  I don’t even text!

Me:  Well that’s going to change soon when you get your new phone.  You’ll be texting then.

CSP:  Just to you and my parents.  Don’t get any ideas!  I’m not getting on Facebook and I’m not going to TWIT either!


Turkey Trot!

Hi Ladies!

If you’d LOVE some FREE Thirty One this holiday season, without having to host a party, then read on…it’s so easy!!

The first 12 girls to respond to this message will get a spot in this year’s “Turkey Trot” (but please respond to only me…not to the entire group…that can get frustrating for people 🙂

The Turkey Trot is simple. You just collect (or order yourself) $100 or more in Thirty One orders between now and Dec 1st, and you will automatically receive one OR MORE of the following hostess rewards…just that simple! The highest selling Turkey Trotter will also receive a bonus gift, automatically!

All 12 participants be scrambled and drawn for one of the following prizes:
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Shellac day 14

I am amazed at this manicure!  It is day 14.  You can see where my nails have grown.  There is minimal wear on the tips of my fingernails.  Other than that my nails are still shiny and hard and (besides the growth) look great!  I can’t wait to get this manicure again for the cruise!  I’m sold!

beauty ho

Shellac Day 6

It’s the end of day 6 of my Shellac manicure.   My nails are still super shiny.  They feel thick and strong.  There is no wear at the end of my nails.  You can see the tiniest bit of growth in my nail bed but otherwise it looks like I just got this manicure!  I know regular polish by day 6 is all kinds of chipped up on me!  So far I am LOVING this manicure!