And finally, Christmas

This year we celebrated Christmas Eve with my family and we were supposed to celebrate Christmas Day with CSP’s side.  But his Gramy had a stroke the week before Christmas.  So his parents went to be with her in Minnesota.  And then Gramy died on Christmas Day.  So once his parents came home from MN we had our Christmas.  I put my Christmas PJs back on, played Christmas music, left all our decorations up, and we cooked a big Christmas dinner.   We had a lot of fun.   Here are some pictures.  Our tree:   I like to decorate the top of our antique record player    Here’s the mantle:   And here is a present from CSP’s parents:  SUCH a cute pug ornament!  


Pug fix

I’ve been a terrible pug bloggy mom lately.  All of my girls have had birthdays in the last 2 months.  I told you about Kiki turning 8 on December 11.  On December 24th Zoe turned 4 and on January 18th  Molly turned 6.  So in honor of my puggies here are some recent pics of them.   That’s Miss Molly watching over Zoe who’s trying out a new pug bed.   Here’s Kiki asleep with her new angel toy in her new pug bed.   And finally here’s Molly at the vet the other day, just before they pulled out the Qtip cotton bud I lost in her ear. 



I’m laying in bed listening to CSP snore. I’m plenty tired but can’t sleep. I am shocked and ashamed to see that I’ve only blogged once all month. I have GOT to get better at blogging again. I still blame Facebook.
I upgraded my phone the other night and now have the iPhone 4S. I would have never been able to do all this (blog) on my poor old 3G. So here’s hoping some new technology will make me a better blogger. Fingers crossed.

beauty ho

Glitter on glitter action, baby

I wasn’t planning on blogging about every manicure I get I swear.  But I just received so many compliments on this one that it begged a mention.  Christina and I went and got Christmas manicures on December 17.  This is what it looked like 3 weeks later!  It’s hard to see in the picture but the polish is super sparkly.  Glitter on glitter action, baby.   Of course after 3 weeks the new growth has pushed the polish out to the ends of my fingers and the situation has turned pretty janky, but I’m still very pleased with my Gelish manicure!