Everyone likes free!

You won’t believe all the bonus benefits to hosting a Thirty-One party in November!  There are only 2 months left until Christmas- your guests (and you) can shop for Christmas presents in the comfort of your home surrounded by friends.  Your guests will be able to take advantage of the AWESOME guest special this month: for every $31 they spend they can get the $12 Littles Carryall Caddy for only $1!!! Yep, that’s ONE DOLLAR!!! Amazing!

Now, for you, the hostess, get ready for a HUGE freebie! If you host a $700 party or above you get a free hostess exclusive item! That means, you can get the XXL Utility Tote Set (a total of 4 bags!!), or the Rolling Tote, or the Double Zip Cosmetic bag…FOR FREE!!! How awesome! And a $700 party is not hard to do. My average party is $600. But you aren’t average and neither am I so I know together we can get you to $700!

Contact me today to schedule your party! I still have a few dates left in November, DO NOT miss out!!!

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Organizing my life with style, baby.

I put up my Thirty-One Hang Up Home Organizer the other day.  I LOVE it!  I found some cool purple Command Hooks and hung it on the side of my fridge.  Now the front of my fridge, which is what faces the rest of the house, can now be clean of clutter.  I found a calendar at Staples (it is a little long but I needed big squares).  There’s a section for CSP’s work schedule, pockets for stamps, business cards, bills, etc.  All the plastic sections are dry erase markable which makes things easier to organize.  And there’s still room on the side of the fridge for CSP’s bottle opener.  All is right with the world.  If you want to be organized and stylish too, just let me know!

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The premature death of the red carpet manicure

Things were going along really well between me and my Red Carpet Manicure.   I’m pretty sure it could have stuck around for a good while longer if I weren’t so fidgety.  Right at day 8 I was up in Blowing Rock with a bunch of girl friends.  I was waiting for some of them to finish shopping at the Mast Store Annex.  Next thing I knew I was peeling my polish off.  That stuff came off in sheets!  It was amazing.  There were a couple of nails that were chipping around the cuticles and I couldn’t help myself, I kept picking at it.   See, those look pretty nice!  Sorry about the picture quality.  I took this using my old iPhone 3G.  Anyway, surprisingly, my nails were in decent shape under that polish.  I’d definitely use the Red Carpet Manicure again.  And next time I won’t mess with them so much.

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Full color creepy

I face paint at festivals and parties on occasion.  Sometimes I need an assistant.  So the other day (could have been a couple weeks ago by now) I was over at my sister Sara’s house.  She volunteered to help me face paint at an upcoming event but she wanted to practice first.  Luckily she has 2 children we can paint.   Someone had a fabulous idea of painting eyes on Jacob’s eyelids.  Then we did the same thing to Gigi.  It was incredibly creepy!!  Like they were watching us with their technicolor eyes!

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Fit for the red carpet

Last weekend was girls’ weekend in Valle Crucis.  One of the very girly things we did was give ourselves manicures.  Christina bought the Red Carpet Manicure system from Ulta.  I bought 2 new colors to try.  Gigi went with a deep purple.  Christina and I both went with …And the Winner Is, which is a sparkly teal (not sure why it doesn’t look very teal in the picture).  The Red Carpet Manicure is supposed to be very similar to the new gel manicures you can get in a salon, like Shellac.  I totally forgot to take a picture of my nails on day 1.  Or 2- 3 for that matter.  But here I have for you day 4.    My nails are still super shiny.  There is no discernible wear on the tips of my nails.  Please keep in mind I painted my own nails after a few cocktails that include the wickedly delicious whipped cream vodka.  That stuff is NOT YOUR FRIEND.  Sure, it smells delish.  It tastes fab.  But then you wake up the next day with a furry tongue and nail polish all up in your cuticles yo.  Anyway, so far I’m really loving this manicure.  My nails feel thick and strong.  Besides cuticle oil there’s no upkeep.  They just stay shiny and sparkly!  This manicure is supposed to last around 2 weeks.  Stay tuned for updates!