Adoption Update

Home stretch!   We have had all of our home visits and inspections from the fire department, social worker, etc.  We have filled out all of our forms.  We have taken all of our classed.  We are CPR certified.  Right now we are waiting for the state of NC to approve our foster parent fingerprints.  Once those are approved then we have to have our fingerprints taken again.  These will be our adoptive parent fingerprints.  I think it is pretty dang silly that we have to submit 2 separate sets of fingerprints at 2 different times.  I promise we don’t file our prints off.   So now we are at the browsing stage.  We can browse for kidlets online.  It’s so odd to us.  You can browse the children too.  or  Warning.  It will break your heart.  We want to adopt them all.   It’s so amazing to us that FINALLY we can just about see the finish line!


Bona fide bizness lady!

I submitted my first Thirty-One party to the home office.  It was my launch party that I hosted on Saturday.  I made tons of fabulous food and set up all my Thirty-One products.  I was nervous but everything went really well!  In just one party I earned back the $99 I spent on my new consultant kit and then some!  I’m so excited!  What a great job- I get to party with my friends AND make money! WOot!!!