Organizing my life with style, baby.

I put up my Thirty-One Hang Up Home Organizer the other day.  I LOVE it!  I found some cool purple Command Hooks and hung it on the side of my fridge.  Now the front of my fridge, which is what faces the rest of the house, can now be clean of clutter.  I found a calendar at Staples (it is a little long but I needed big squares).  There’s a section for CSP’s work schedule, pockets for stamps, business cards, bills, etc.  All the plastic sections are dry erase markable which makes things easier to organize.  And there’s still room on the side of the fridge for CSP’s bottle opener.  All is right with the world.  If you want to be organized and stylish too, just let me know!

4 thoughts on “Organizing my life with style, baby.”

  1. I love mine too! I need to get a photo of it up in my sewing room! Been having a tad of an issue with the Command Hooks that keep falling off! Grrrr. Thinking of getting another for the kitchen, which is what I was originally going to do with the one I got!


    1. Oh you should totally get one for the kitchen! I LOVE mine in the kitchen. I am thinking about one for the craft room too. Everything just looks so much neater!


  2. Shanny what kind of hooks did you use and where did you get them? I bought one of these at a yard sale for $5, wasn’t keen on the print but it is still useful. I may give Amber mine and buy one like yours (love that design!)


    1. Amanda I used command hooks I bought from Staples. They have them at walmart and Target too. I can hook you up with the black Parisian pop design!

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