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Farmer’s Wife

CSP fancies himself a farmer.  He bought a few tomato plants from the clearance section for 75 cents a piece.  They started out looking like this: The beginnings of our tomato empire.  He had 3 in that planter.  They grew quickly so he transplanted them to big pots we picked up at IKEA for just $6 each. DSC_5059 They are doing so well. Look! Is that a little tomato I see there? We've got a mater!  CSP is so proud!  He visits his plants every night and gives them a good water.  He keeps telling me “I’m a farmer!  I’m making tomatoes!”

2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Wife”

    1. You should totally do it! The total investment money wise has been less than like $30 (pots, etc). So even if they all die we still have 3 pots and aren’t out too much $$.


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